Nuela Charles – “Long Way Down”

Distant Danger, has been nominated for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year at the 2019 JUNO Awards. While the celebrations are still a little over a month away, my brand new single – “Long Way Down” is officially out today!

This song came out of a session with production duo Towers. As we were writing it, the production began to feel inspired by old chain-gang songs. The fierce stomps and claps in the beat were being looped around, and I kept hearing the words long way down accompanied by the image of a river in my head.

Thematically, I wanted “Long Way Down” to feel hopeful and soulful. It’s a reflection on today’s world – the glorification of status and money, the fear of losing it. Society loves to watch people fail (Britney much?!) Despite this, there is a blessing to stripping it all away and starting anew.




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