The Cloverfield Paradox – Blu-ray Edition

Despite some high end acting talent this the third film in the Cloverfield stable does not add up to the previous two. Golden Globe winner David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, the highly likeable Irish actor Chris O’Dowd, and Daniel Bruhl make up a large part of the primary cast. They all are excellent actors, but even the best of actors need a quality script in combination with a director’s vision.

Earth is on the verge of a world war starting. Energy shortage is causing plenty of tension. In order to try and avoid that an international group of scientists begin working together. They come up with something which would provide unlimited power and a team is assembled in order to test the device. The downside to the device is that it could trap all in an alternate reality.

While orbiting Earth to test the Shepard particle accelerator trouble happens. Something goes wrong with the experiment and the station is damaged. This causes a portal to another dimension to open. Within the bulkhead of the station they find a woman wrapped up in wires. Jensen (Elizabeth Debicki – Widows, Everest) tells them she was working on a Cloverfield station in another dimension and now finds herself with them. Who is where? And how do they get back?

A strong sense of dread is built up, but never really comes off. Disappointing. Weirdness does, but no payoff on the dread. It just fizzles out. Which is too bad because the concept it is all built upon is not the worst idea. Particle accelerators and portals to another dimension does make the hair stand up on the arms of most who are being honest about it. It is a concept that is out there though built on enough reality to make it verge on plausible.

Maybe the problem here was being overly ambitious. Really wanting to make a link with the other Cloverfield films. Forcing the matter. That along with the impossible things that happen which even non-science folk like myself could point out (like how gravity works…uh, not like that…at all) really takes you out of the film. When this happens in combination with all together too many cliches of the genre it makes the eye rolling moments greatly outnumber the smiles.

Special Features:

-Things Are Not As They Appear: The Making of The Cloverfield Paradox

-Shepard Team: The Cast

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