Peter Rabbit: Springtime Collection

Everyone is waiting anxiously for spring. A collection like this can help you bide your time until the tulips starting blooming. Peter Rabbit and his story has been thoroughly enjoyed by generations of kids. Nickelodeon continues the tradition with the release of Peter Rabbit: Springtime Collection.

Peter Rabbit has for decades been a mainstay in children’s literature. Here you get to enjoy the adventures of Peter along with friends and family. Taking place largely in the Lake District, an area created in the imagination of Beatrix Potter. We get to see the beauty of nature as well as its dangers.

Seven stories that feature Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail. See them rescue a friend, catch a fish, help out a baby bunny afraid of the dark and indulge in the favourite snack of radishes. While enjoying all this fun kids will also get to work on skills like problem solving and leadership. Educational while being fun!

A perfect gift to get a young one for Easter. A win win gift as it will give parents a nice span of time in which kids will be glued to the television.

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