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Two teenage cousins had terrible things happen to them and because they have an aunt who is a filmmaker their awful stories have become a visually beautiful film. Hard to believe, right? Montrealer Laura Bari (Ariel, Antoine) has created a 95 minute coming-of-age documentary which is not your typical teenage story. Using their bodies, which have suffered trauma, to express what they are feeling through movement and build towards a future. This is a story of almost unbearable horror becoming inspiration.

Childhood should be a time of innocence, fun and games. For Rocio Alvarez and Aldana Bari Gonzalez it was the complete opposite. Because of one deviant adult for each both of them had their childhood stolen from them. Rocio tells her cousin about the trauma – both physical and emotional – that she suffered at the hands of a stranger at the age of nine. When she was pulled from her bicycle, bound and gagged, raped, and then doused with gasoline and set ablaze. After hearing Rocio’s story, Aldana tells her about how at the age of nine her father began sexually abusing her.

Healing is an ongoing process and through telling their stories, listening to each other and crying the two continue along that road. It is amazing how the two have fought to recover. Not only recover, but be positive and thrive. Inspiring to say the least.

Bari films them doing normal daily teenage girl things like dancing, talking and hanging out. Then as they travel from Argentina to Montreal to perform with a circus and reconnect with their bodies in a way neither might have thought possible. The beauty of the pure resiliance of youth.

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