Damages: The Complete Series – Blu-ray Edition

Glenn Close is one of those actresses that is so talented that you know whatever she is involved in is going to be good. The FX television series “Damages” is no exception. It is basically a legal drama that is intelligently written with plenty of twists and turns and has an undercurrent of evilness (courtesy of Close) running through it. It is deliciously wicked and will keep you guessing from the edge of your seat.

Season One:

Episode 1: Pilot: Patty Hewes (played by Glenn Close) is a cutthroat lawyer who has set her sights on successful businessman Arthur Frobisher (played by Ted Danson).

Episode 2: Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker: Ellen’s (played by Rose Byrne) fiancé (played by Noah Bean) is found murdered.

Episode 3: And My Paralyzing Fear of Death: Ellen is questioned about her fiancé’s death.

Episode 4: Tastes Like a Ho-Ho: Katie (played by Anastasia Griffith) gives her testimony about what happened in Florida.

Episode 5: A Regular Earl Anthony: Ellen tells her lawyer that someone tried to kill her the night her fiancé David was killed.

Episode 6: She Spat at Me: Ellen tries to get the truth out of Gregory Molina (played by Peter Facinelli).

Episode 7: We are not Animals: Patty subpoenas Gregory.

Episode 8: Blame the Victim: Tom (played by Tate Donovan) and Patty cannot find Gregory and they plan their next move.

Episode 9: Do You Regret What We Did?: Ellen is charged with David’s murder and Patty is missing.

Episode 10: Sort of Like a Family: The team is preparing for Frobisher’s deposition.

Episode 11: I Hate These People: Ellen is fired by Patty and approaches Hollis Nye (played by Philip Bosco) for a job.

Episode 12: There’s No “We” Anymore: Ellen gets a panicked call from Patty and after arriving at her office finds that Fiske (played by Zeljko Ivanek) has shot himself in the head in Patty’s office.

Episode 13: Because I Know Patty: Patty posts Ellen’s bail and agrees to represent her.

Season Two:

Episode 1: I Lied, Too: After obtaining the Frobisher settlement, Patty concentrates on establishing a charitable foundation. An old friend contacts Patty and she finds herself involved in a case involving corporate fraud.

Episode 2: Burn It, Shred It, I Don’t Care: Ellen continues to try to get to the bottom of David’s murder. She also gains an ally in the FBI against Patty.

Episode 3: I Knew Your Pig: Ellen uncovers one of Patty’s oldest secrets. Patty believes that Daniel Purcell (played by William Hurt) is withholding information from her.

Episode 4: Hey! Mr. Pibb: Patty works to get the murder charges against Daniel Purcell dropped. She goes head to head with Claire Maddox (played by Marcia Gay Harden) in a motion hearing.

Episode 5: I Agree, It Wasn’t Funny: After an in court betrayal Patty distances herself from Daniel Purcell. At the same time, she becomes more and more suspicious of Ellen and the infant mortality case.

Episode 6: A Pretty Girl in a Leotard: Using the media Patty lowers the value of UNR stock. UNR retaliates by suing her for defamation.

Episode 7: New York Sucks: Patty and Ellen disagree on how to go up against UNR. Tom works with a hooker who has a link to UNR.

Episode 8: They Had to Tweeze That Out of My Kidney: Uncle Pete (played by Tom Aldredge) hovers near death after his attempted suicide. Ellen returns to grief counseling.

Episode 9: You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant: Patty blames the FBI for what happened to Uncle Pete. Tom finds out the firm is under investigation.

Episode 10: Uh Oh, Out Come the Skeletons: Patty keeps turning the screws on UNR. Information about the company she has worked for becomes know to Claire.

Episode 11: London. Of Course.: Ellen finds out a secret about Patty that changes everything. Patty prepares to go to war against UNR.

Episode 12: Look What He Dug Up This Time: Patty’s decision puts Tom at risk. Daniel Purcell helps Patty put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Episode 13: Trust Me: Ellen comes across something she can use against Patty. In the UNR war everyone selects sides and risks much.

Season Three:

Episode 1: Your Secrets Are Safe: Patty Hewes is working on a lawsuit against Louis Tobin (played by Len Cariou), an investor involved in a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. Ellen (played by Rose Byrne) is now working for the district attourney’s office.

Episode 2: The Dog is Happier Without Her: Joe Tobin finds out his father has stashed away a lot of money before being caught. Patty and Tom are assigned the case in order to get the money back for the wronged investors.

Episode 3: Flight’s at 11:08: Joe and the family lawyer Lenny try to stash away a witness. Tom tells his family that they have lost all their money investing in the Tobin Ponzi scheme.

Episode 4: Don’t Throw That at the Chicken: Patty puts pressure on Louis Tobin to reveal where he has hidden the money. Louis tries to keep a tab on Joe’s drinking.

Episode 5: It’s Not My Birthday: The fact that Louis Tobin has an affair is uncovered. A reporter who Ellen knew from the UNR case returns into her life.

Episode 6: Don’t Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck: Joe tries to uncover where his father hid the money. Patty and Tom keep working for their clients to recover the money.

Episode 7: You Haven’t Replaced Me: The trail to the Tobin’s stashed money leads Patty and Tom to Antigua. Ellen’s investigation into the Ponzi scheme uncovers some new facts.

Episode 8: I Look Like Frankenstein: Patty and Tom strike out in Antigua. Patty decides to try and locate the missing Carol Tobin.

Episode 9: Drive It Through Hardcore: Ellen does not know what to do about her sister Carrie (played by Miriam Shor) getting arrested. Patty and Tom are close to uncovering Carol Tobin.

Episode 10: Tell Me I’m Not Racist: Patty and Tom are about to be removed from the Tobin case. Ellen tries to talk Tessa Marchetti (played by Vanessa Ray) into cooperating with the investigation.

Episode 11: All That Crap About Your Family: Patty is forced into making a deal with the District Attourney after Tessa Marchetti is arrested. Ellen discovers something about her family.

Episode 12: You Were His Little Monkey: Tom is forced to resign from the firm after his personal involvement in revealed. The truth about Lenny’s past comes out.

Episode 13: The Next One’s Gonna Go in Your Throat: Patty’s refusal to give up the pursuit of the Tobins leads to chaos and tragedy.

Season Four:

Episode 1: There’s Only One Way to Try a Case: Patty Hewes is involved in a case involving a French drug maker while Ellen Parsons meets with high school classmate Chris Sanchez in order to bring a case against private security firm High Star for their actions during a mission in Afghanistan.

Episode 2: I’ve Done Way Too Much for This Girl: Chris agrees to testify and Ellen convinces the partners in her firm to launch a lawsuit against High Star Security. Soon, though, the rug is pulled out from under Ellen’s feet and it is Patty to the rescue once again.

Episode 3: I’d Prefer My Old Office: Ellen once again occupies an office at Hewes & Associates. She continues working on her lawsuit against High Star CEO Howard Erickson (played by John Goodman).

Episode 4: Next One’s On Me, Blondie: Chris is being held hostage in Afghanistan. He does manage to get a message back to Ellen in New York.

Episode 5: We’ll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off This Thing: CIA operative Jerry Boorman (played by Dylan Baker) attempts to put a spoke in the wheels of Ellen’s deposition. Nervous, Howard turns to a friend in the Defense Department to stop the release of incriminating confidential files.

Episode 6: Add That Little Hopper to Your Stew: Neither Patty nor Ellen can get in to see the imprisoned Nasim Marwat (played by Usman Ally). Ellen is getting closer to uncovering the CIA cover-up of the illegal mission in Afghanistan carried out by High Star employees.

Episode 7: I’m Worried About my Dog: Ellen and Patty try to work their source inside the CIA who can help in their lawsuit. Howard keeps trying to bury the truth.

Episode 8: The War Will Go On Forever: Ellen sends a Times reporter (played by Griffin Dunne) to Afghanistan to find Chris. Ellen and Patty depose Howard.

Episode 9: There’s a Whole Slew of Ladies With Bad Things to Say About the Taliban: Jerry agrees to betray Howard in order to protect the Afghan boy he has captive in a CIA safe house. Chris’s life is in peril.

Episode 10: Failure is Lonely: Ellen decides to settle the lawsuit in exchange for Chris’s life. Patty continues to work behind the scenes.4

Season Five:

Episode 1: You Want to End This Once and For All?: Ellen is going to testify on behalf of Patty’s son Michael (played by Zachary Booth) in his custody suit. Instead the two foes are set to face off in court on an insider trading-cyber hacking case involving Channing McClaren (played by Ryan Phillippe).

Episode 2: Have You Not Met the Eel Yet?: The wrongful death suit against McClaren begins and Ellen worries about Patty’s seemingly close relationship with the judge. A lawyer that has a previous relationship with Patty, Kate Franklin (played by Janet McTeer), begins to work with Ellen.

Episode 3: Failure is Failure: Patty is looking to prove that Naomi Walling (played by Jenna Elfman) committed suicide after a meeting with Channing McClaren. She has filed the suit on behalf of Naomi’s daughter, Rachel (played by Alexandra Socha).

Episode 4: I Love You, Mommy: A computer hacker who goes by the name Samurai Seven (played by Bill Camp) offers to sell information on the case to both Ellen and Patty. Patty visits her dying father, Lyle (played by M. Emmet Walsh), on request of Kate.

Episode 5: There’s Something Wrong with Me: Both Patty and Ellen try to use the information from Samurai Seven. Patty blackmails a government worker to gain an inside track on information that will help her case.

Episode 6: I Need to Win: A witness surfaces that might challenge Channing McClaren’s account of the night he met Naomi in a New York hotel room. Both Patty and Ellen work hard to avoid a settlement in the case.

Episode 7: The Storm’s Moving In: Channing McClaren uncovers that a murdered Samurai Seven sold information to Ellen and Patty. Patty and Ellen travel to Maine to interview an expert computer witness and are stranded there due to weather.

Episode 8: I’m Afraid of What I’ll Find: Patty threatens to reveal that Channing McClaren’s primary financier, Helmut Torben (played by William Sadler), was involved with the insider trading at Princefield. Chris Sanchez (played by Chris Messina) uses McClaren’s website to leak information about the U.S. Army redeploying mentally unstable soldiers.

Episode 9: I Like Your Chair: Ellen uncovers the hit man that Patty hired to kill her. Tension rises between Channing McClaren and Rutger Simon (played by John Hannah).

Episode 10: But You Don’t Do That Anymore: Ellen plots to use Michael’s custody case for Catherine (played by Kiley Liddell) to bring down Patty. A person she thought to be on her side double crosses Ellen and is set to testify for Patty.

Special Features:


  • Episode Introductions
  • A Case for War: The Cast and Crew Discuss the Fourth Season
  • Hair & Eggs
  • Season 1 Recap
  • Willful Acts: The Making of Damages
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Trust No One: Insight from the Creators
  • Flight’s at 11:08
  • The Evolution of Patty Hewes
  • Understanding Class Action: Interactive Guide
  • I’m The Father
  • Outtakes
  • You Promise Me
  • What Am I Doing Here?
  • Damages Season 3 Teaser
  • The Next One’s Gonna Go in Your Throat
  • Season Two: Post Mortem
  • 7 Character Profiles
  • Directing Damages
  • Sometimes You Just Get Damaged
  • Damages Season 3: A Look Back


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