Today @ SXSW – Sunday, March 17, 2019


Gosh, we hate farewells. Hopefully this is just a “see you next year”, and you’re leaving town with all the feels, the warm and fuzzies, the big mood.

It’s been such a wonderful event, full of exhilarating films, illuminating sessions, and spellbinding showcases.

We’re honored to announce this year’s recipients of the Grulke PrizePink Sweat$ (Developing U.S. Act), Angie McMahon, (Developing Non-U.S. Act), and The Chills (Career Act). Now in its seventh year, the award is dedicated to the late, great Brent Grulke who served as our Creative Director.

If you’re still around and looking for a chill way to spend the afternoon, the Closing BBQ and Softball Tournament is always a good time. Tasty food, spicy game commentary, and legendary competition awaits.

There’s another full day of SXSW Gaming festivities with tournaments, the expo, and more. And don’t miss our final night of fun with the Gaming Cosplay Contest and Closing Party, and the Music Festival Free Closing Party.

And now it’s time for our final bonus puppy. Ollie is all of us.



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