J Hacha De Zola – “Anarchy”

“There’s a bit of a Stephen King’s ‘It’ vibe to it,” says J Hacha De Zola of the music video for “Anarchy,” taken from his upcoming new album Icaro Nouveau, out March 29th. “The weather was terrible, and we kinda rode it by the seat of our pants. I thought I’d try to recreate the ‘debauched harlequin’ look that we did for the album cover, along with my ‘diabolical ‘brella.’ I kinda wished my umbrella prop actually worked though because I got drenched!”

[ANARCHY VIDEO]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9xesHStnRs

Track Listing:

01. Anarchy (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
02. El Chucho (Hooko)
03. On A Saturday (STREAM | MP3)
04. Juan Salchipapas
05. A Song For Her
06. Hollow Trees
07. A Fool’s Moon
08. Ode To Ralph Carney (STREAM)
09. Super Squeaky
10. Hacha’s Lament

It’s a descriptor that J Hacha De Zola has been casually using over the course of three album releases. With the upcoming full–length Icaro Nouveau (out March 29th), the Jersey City–based musician defines the genre in detail.

Produced by iconic engineer John Agnello, a career–long cohort of another “J” – J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr, and most recently the man behind albums by Waxahatchee, the new Hacha De Zola songs are described by the artist as full of “villains, spells, desires, romance, danger, redemption, and revelations.”

He adds, “and a eulogy,” referring to “Ode To Ralph Carney,” about the late, legendary saxophone sideman of Tom Waits (and many others), who served not only as a player, but more importantly, as a spiritual guide for Hacha De Zola over the course of the latter’s young career.

Indeed, Carney was Hacha De Zola’s compatriot in developing the “Urban Junkyard” sound that now has a life of its own on Icaro Nouveau.

“He was an integral part of this sound. He was my secret weapon,” Hacha De Zola says. “His horns were ever–present, as was his input. Not having him around for Icaro Nouveau was unsettling for me.”

“I’ve been developing my own new language, through the elements that are most familiar to me,” Hacha De Zola explains. “My neighborhood – ‘mi barrio’ – where I’m from, and the diversity of cultures and vibes there.”

“Environment is everything,” he continues, “There’s power in the intent behind words and in their delivery. You might not even understand a certain language, but can get a sense of the intent when it’s spoken.”

You can feel it in the Urban Junkyard.

J Hacha De Zola’s fourth full-length album Icaro Nouveau is scheduled for release on March 29th, 2019. The artist’s current EP ‘Syn Illusión,’ a four-song, 80s-era synth-driven, all-Spanish language release, is out now.

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