Pearl Harbor: 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

Not many things are a natural fit like a World War II film and director Michael Bay (Transformers, Armageddon). Both are big. Both were loud. Both had high costs.

American involvement in World War II began after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Americans were shocked by the attack; it took them totally unawares. Early on a Sunday morning the paradise that is Hawaii was rocked by Japanese planes dropping bombs and firing many rounds. Became a date that will live on in infamy in American history.

Backing up a little, America was preparingfor war. Meaning young people were being trained to go off to fight. Pilots, infantrymen, etc. as well as young women as nurses. Two of the pilots were lifelong friends, Captain Rafe McCawley (Ben Affleck – Justice League, Gone Girl) and Captain Danny Walker (Josh Hartnett – from television’s Penny Dreadful) and a nurse in training is Evelyn Johnson (Kate Beckinsale – The Aviator, Van Helsing). The lives of the three will be intertwined by the war. Besides the horror and pressures of war, Rafe and Danny have to deal with being in love with the same woman.

Though this is not a wonder of the screen many have fond memories about this film which originally came out in 2001. While others were disappointed. Meaning that they went into it expecting more Michael Bay (largescale action) and less romance.

Though Bay did take pains to be authentic with the type of planes used, etc. this most certainly not a history lesson. As precious few drama film should be considered. That being said if you want a film which is closer to reality then check out Tora, Tora, Tora.

Speaking of the battle scenes, the special effects for those are quite cool and the adrenaline runs quite high during them. This is Bay’s forte. He does go big before he goes home.

Special Features:

-Journey to the Screen: The Making of Pearl Harbor

-Unsung Heroes of Pearl Harbor

-Theatrical Trailer

-Preview: National Geographic Beyond the Movie: Pearl Harbor

-Faith Hill Music Video “There You’ll Be”

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