Defiance: Seasons One and Two – Blu-ray Edition

Season One:

Fans of video games, science fiction and action adventure should be interested in Defiance. A product of the cable network SyFy and centers around a story involving courage and survival. The year is 2046 and it is thirty years after an alien invasion of Earth. Everything has changed on our planet and for humans. St. Louis, Missouri is now called Defiance and is one of the last independent outposts in the United States. A former soldier turned scavenger named Nolan (played by Grant Bowler) and his adopted alien daughter Irisa (played by Stephanie Leonides) have through a set of unique circumstances had settled down in the town where there seems to never be a dull moment.

Episode 1: Pilot: It is 2046 and Nolan and Irisa, two Arkfall survivors, arrive in the town of Defiance. They soon find themselves in the middle of a feud between two powerful families.

Episode 2: Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go: Nolan and Rafe (played by Graham Greene) are on the hunt for a traitor who sets out to seemingly destroy Defiance. Irisa is vehemently against a Castithan ritual involving torture.

Episode 3: The Devil in the Dark: Nolan and Irisa set out after a murderer who has started a plague of deadly insects on the residents of Defiance. The Spirit Riders, after having helped fight off the attack, now have the right to come into town as they wish.

Episode 4: A Well Respected Man: Kenya (played by Mia Kirschner) is taken captive in the Alien Badlands. Nolan goes after Datak Tarr (played by Tony Curran) with a vengeance.

Episode 5: The Serpent’s Egg: While transporting a criminal to prison in Las Vegas the vehicle Nolan and Amanda (played by Julie Benz) are traveling in is hijacked. Irisa has captured the man she believes tortured her as a child.

Episode 6: Brothers in Arms: A bounty hunter is pursuing Pol Madis (played by Daniel Kash) and corners him in Defiance. The bounty hunter (played by Rob Stewart) ends up being an old army buddy of Nolan’s.

Episode 7: Goodbye Blue Sky: Debris in the form of razor rain from large fragments from the original alien fleet falls on Defiance. Irisa begins having visions.

Episode 8: I Wasn’t Made For These Times: Nolan and Tommy (played by Dewshane Williams) find NASA Commander Gordon McClintock (played by Brian J. Smith) in a downed Voltan ship. The odd thing is that McClintock was thought killed in space in 2013.

Episode 9: If I Ever Leave This World Alive: Defiance is hit by the deadly Trath-Flu. Human and Irathients are affected and put under quarantine.

Episode 10: The Bride Wore Black: A human skeleton is discovered in the walls of the NeedWant. The skeleton ends up being the disappeared husband of Kenya making her and Amanda the prime suspects of his murder.

Episode 11: Past is Prologue: A romantic evening between Irisa and Tommy is halted when she is overcome by severe pain in her legs. The inhabitants of Defiance hold a wake for Nicky (played by Fionnula Flanagan) at the NeedWant.

Episode 12: Everything is Broken: It is Election Day in Defiance. Amanda and Datak are both running for mayor.

Season Two:

We are in the year 2046 on Earth. It, however, it is not the Earth we know. Alien races have attacked and this is the aftermath. Aliens and humans now live in cities together. Defiance (formerly St. Louis) is not an easy city to live in and it seems to get harder and harder. The Earth Republic control of the city does not mean that there is any sense of law and order. It is like the Wild West in that Defiance is a border town and peace is a fragile thing.

Episode 1: The Opposite of Hallelujah: Nolan (played by Grant Bowler) is still searching desperately for Irisa (played by Stephanie Leonidas). The Earth Republic has placed a new mayor in charge of Defiance.

Episode 2: In My Secret Life: After she returns to Defiance Irisa is arrested. Mayor Pottinger (played by James Murray) offers Nolan a deal in return for her release.

Episode 3: The Cord and the Ax: Irisa keeps a big secret from Nolan in regards to her blackouts. Stahma (played by Jaime Murray) is running the Tarr family business and it is doing very well.

Episode 4: Beasts of Burden: Pottinger’s caravan is attacked and he orders Nolan to track down the men who did it. Datak (played by Tony Curran) is going to do whatever it takes to regain control of the Tarr family and its business.

Episode 5: Putting the Damage On: A stalker is after Amanda (played by Julie Benz). Doc Yewell (played by Trenna Keating) knows more than she is letting on.

Episode 6: This Woman’s Work: An Arkfall crashes near Defiance and Pottinger wants to investigate it. There he and Nolan come up against a deadly alien race.

Episode 7: If You Could See Her Through My Eyes: A murder happens and Datak is framed. Irisa finds out more about herself after a meeting with a stranger.

Episode 8: Slouching Towards Bethlehem: Amanda finds out that her sister Kenya (played by Mia Kirshner) is alive and being held for ransom. Nolan has his hands full trying to gain information on a terrorist plot.

Episode 9: Painted From Memory: Doc Yewill has to work hard to keep her secrets secret. Kenya’s return has a few Defiance citizens worried.

Episode 10: Bottom of the World: Nolan and Rafe (played by Graham Greene) race to rescue Amanda and Pottinger. They are trapped inside with very little air when there is an explosion and a mine collapses.

Episode 11: Doll Parts: Nolan is once again searching for Irisa. While he is away Amanda takes on the deputy’s badge.

Episode 12: All Things Must Pass: Nolan tries his best to save Tommy’s (played by Dewshane Williams) life. Irisa has a plan she wants to put in motion that will kill most humans on Earth.

Episode 13: I Almost Prayed: Irisa has become enemy number one of every human and yet Nolan still wants to save her. New York has been destroyed and Defiance seems next on the list.

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