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  • As the final season of Game Of Thrones premieres next week, more viewers than ever are set to tune in, eager to find out the latest twists and turns in the fight for the coveted Iron Throne. More than one billion viewers in 170 different countries are expected to watch each episode in the final season – which kicks off on April 15.

Dr. Huber’s thoughts on Life lessons from the Game of Thrones

As a Psychologist I am here to tell you that Game of Thrones can be educational and may help many of you avoid the pitfalls of life. Here are some of them:

Relationship skills

You can learn a lot about whether you are in a good relationship by observing & comparing what Sansa Stark has had to deal with during her marriage to Ramsay Bolton.

Can’t find the right partner? Think of everything Shae went through finding a rich man only to have his family turn on her then force him to marry someone else. She even had to be his wife’s chamber maid! The horror.

You having trouble deciding who you are? Arya Stark has had it worse. They even called her the girl with no name. We all have friends that are two faced, well Arya has them all beat.

Business skills: 

We can learn how to be can effective boss by observing the actions of he Greyjoys. King Robert shows how you can be in charge but, also enjoy other things life has to offer (in his case it’s excessive drinking, women on the side, and hunting). King Robert’s over indulgences & lack of balance however, leads to his untimely death – this is a very powerful lesson,

When it comes to determination, we can observe Daenerys who slept, killed, and burned her clothes off to get to the top. Not to say that in the modern world a person has to engage in these extreme practices to succeed. The essence of Daenerys is “take action, do whatever it takes, seize every opportunity” until you attain your goal.

Don’t like your job or your future prospects? Look no further than Hodor, the underdog and fan favorite. He turned out to be a glorified Doorman. After all those years of training, that general studies undergraduate degree isn’t so bad after all.

About Dr. Huber

Dr. John Huber ( is the Chairman for Mainstream Mental Health, a non-profit organization that brings lasting and positive change to the lives of individuals that suffer from mental health issues. A mental health professional for over twenty years, Dr. Huber is a Clinical Forensic Psychologist, and he is a practitioner with privileges at two long term acute care hospitals. Dr. Huber has appeared on over three hundred top tier radio shows (NBC Radio, CBS, Fox News Radio) and thirty national television programs (ABC, NBC, Spectrum News). In addition Dr. Huber is the host of “Mainstream Mental Health Radio” which is heard nationwide and features interviews with today’s top mental health professionals.

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