Co-Creators of Shangri-LA, Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer, announced that the 13-episode comedic series will be released May 10th 2019 on Amazon Video and Vimeo streaming platforms. This unconventional comedy series follows an ensemble cast of unique and memorable characters as they try to “make it” in Hollywood while surviving on the harsh streets of Los Angeles.

Shangri-LA is an episodic comedy following a group of lovable but misguided characters on an endless search for freedom and fame as they navigate the hilariously absurd circumstances that arise in their quest. Shangri-LA offers a universal story of striving for a better life in the face of hardship, but told from the viewpoint of L.A.’s semi-homeless and transient voices, a perspective that is often overlooked by the city and the industry that fuels it.

After a nervous breakdown causes Nicky Kaplow (Sommer) to abandon his life of excess as a successful infomercial personality, he appears to have finally found solace living as a homeless homesteader. Torn between his old life and his newfound freedom, Nicky is constantly combatting his inner demons on his path to find his true paradise. He navigates through the hidden wilds of the Los Angeles, encountering an ensemble cast of outsiders all struggling to climb their way up the Hollywood ladder, while Nicky is trying to climb his way back down.

Direct Trailer Link:Vimeo – Season 1 – Trailer 1

“Our vision for Shangri-LA is to create an ongoing story that showcases both the promise and brutality of Los Angeles while exploring the human journey to realize one’s dreams. We are passionately devoted to portraying the lives of overlooked characters and presenting their hardships as a universally experienced struggle for survival and happiness,” said Rosas.

The series stars Sommer (Billy Club, Blood Junkie), Jessie Kahnweiler (The Skinny, Meet my Rapist), Mark Borchardt (American Movie, The Late Show with David Letterman), Mathew Dunlop (Noah, Billy Club), Mark Escribano, Sean Hanley, Laura Patalano (Alex Inc, Gente-fied) and Dan Aho (Contagion, Man of Steel), with Original Music by Nato Feelz (Rocketman, Ma, Pet Cemetery).

“At its core, Shangri-LA is a character study about hope, human ambition and survival told from a place of empathy and admiration for our often unseen neighbors with whom we share this city but who live off the metropolitan grid,” said Sommer.

After the 9-minute pilot of Shangr-LA received critical and public acclaim following its debut at the 2016 LA Film Festival, and was awarded the Fiscal Sponsorship Grant from Film Independent, Rosas and Sommer felt encouraged to develop and produce the full 13-episode first season.

“We were thrilled to garner the support of LAFF and Film Independent. We went forward with a successful crowdfunding campaign which proved to us there was support, and even more importantly, an audience hungry for the quirky, offbeat comedy in Shangri-LA,” said Rosas.

Rosas and Sommer executive produced, with co-executive producers Jeffrey Rosas and Donna Jahnke, and producers Seth Martin and David Roberson.

Shangri-LA online

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ShangriLAshow/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/shangrilashow/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Shangri_LAshow

Official Website http://www.shangri-lashow.com/

Direct Trailer Link https://vimeo.com/295878981

IMDb https://pro.imdb.com/title/tt5671060/?ref_=nm_filmo_pasttv_1

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