The Game: The Third Season

Despite the fact that this was a fairly successful series, it was slated to end after season three. The series which looked at the lives and loves of professional football players and the women in their lives. Never a dull moment with this lot. Which is why it did well. A mixture of comedy and drama (with an emphasis on the laughs) which does not require much brain power.

Derwin (played by Pooch Hall) tells Mel (played by Tia Mowry) that Janay (played by ) is pregnant with his baby. Drama right off the hop! Kelly (played by Brittany Daniel) is doing whatever it takes to keep Jason (played by Coby Bell) out of her life. Malik (played by Hosea Chanchez) is worried about what his mother will think of his marriage to Robin Givens. Tasha (played by Wendy Raquel Robinson) is busy with her own love life with Rick Fox. The fact that he is having a baby with another woman puts a strain on Mel and Derwin’s relationship. The tension ramps up between them due to money issues. Mel, Kelly and Tasha try dating other men after their relationships go belly up. Jason keeps trying to get back with Kelly. Malik realizes his marriage to Robin Givens is just for the media – a sham. He distracts himself by trying to find out who his father is and then getting to know him. Jason begins dating which bothers Kelly. By the end of the season Mel accepts Derwin’s proposal, but wants to get married before the baby is born.

The Game began as a spin off from UPN/CW’s Girlfriends. The origin idea was to focus on a young woman, studying to become a doctor, who puts her career on hold to follow her boyfriend to San Diego after he is drafted as a professional football player. While Derwin is adjusting to life as a pro football player, Mel has to make her own adjustments. She gains a couple of friends who warn her about the ins and outs of being with a football player.

As the series progressed, it became less about football and more about the personal lives of the characters.

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