I’m Going to Break Your Heart

Brave is the first word that came to mind while watching this documentary. It is a rare person that will allow the outside world that much access into the inner sanctum of their lives, work and marriage. Takes plenty of courage. And to what end? What is the purpose? To allow their fans and the public into their lives? To allow us a behind the curtains look at how an album is made – the laughter and tears? To feed their own egos? Because it most certainly is not for money. A documentary of this sort is not going to attract very many film goers. Or those willing to watch it on Crave or pay for it on iTunes. Yet, after seeing it I think it should be required viewing for anyone in a relationship.

It is not your typical music documentary, that is for sure. Yes, you see an album being written. Songs being constructed from kernels of ideas. How things go in the studio. But the most impactful part is the personal moments. Watching a struggling married couple try to keep things together.

Being the parents of three boys and working musicians does not leave much time for Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida. As partners as well as when they decide to unite forces on stage to become Moon vs. Sun. They have been trying to write, record and release an album together for years. In an effort to do just that they travel in the middle of winter to the small French island of St. Pierre et Miquelon. Holed up in their room writing what would eventually become the album I’m Going to Break Your Heart.

The subtext here is that they are not only trying to produce this album, but repair their relationship. It is rocky to say the least. The documentary opens with them at a session with a therapist to work on their marriage. She feels unlistened to and taken for granted while he seems to have completely pulled away. Male vs. female archetypes play out occasionally. She wants to talk and talk whereas he would rather just focus on the work and not share what he is feeling.

Truth be told, neither of the two comes off very well here. My sympathies wavered between the two. One moment she was being too needy and whiny while the next he was cold, distance and a prick. Both have decided, in the name of honesty, to leave in scenes which could have easily been edited out in order to allow other couples feel less alone. Less alone, in that even this rock and roll couple, who have been together for over two decades, seem to have the same problems all others do. Money and fame does not change marriage. I am sure many will see themselves and their own relationships on the screen. Surely will resonate with many couples.

You see how two different types (him an introvert while she is gregarious and outgoing) can figure out a way to make things work. Part of the healing process in their situation is the music. Music is used as a way for both to work through or communicate things they can’t seem to verbally. Rather beautiful.

At times hard to watch and always raw, an intimate look at the music process as well as putting work in to keep a marriage together.

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