Veronica Guerin: Special Edition – Blu-ray Edition

The intensity of this movie was simply amazing. A lot of talent went into making this film dark and disturbingly real. The audience can almost experience the pain and fear felt by the title character, acted by Cate Blanchett. A truly chameleon actress, Blanchett disappears into her Irish persona with deceptive ease.

Ireland during the early 1990’s had drug problems that were the unacknowledged white elephants of its youth culture. Thousands of children and young adults were falling prey to hardcore drugs, and their pushers, as young as 14 – but few were paying any attention. Horrifying statistics were falling o­n deaf ears, with o­nly a small portion of the population fighting for freedom from the drug culture.

Investigative reporter Veronica Guerin spent a period of two years researching and writing about the mobs and the drugs they pushed. A woman who could not admit to fear, Guerin went o­n after being threatened, shot and beaten. She put her life and her family’s life o­n the line – partly for personal glory and partly for a cause she believed in passionately.

This is an astounding portrait of a woman who never really grew up, never considered the consequences behind her brave actions. There is a line between courage and folly; but perhaps the ends in this case justified the means. It is because of Geurin that the Irish people united to free the country from drugs.

Special Features:

-NEW Audio Commentary with Director Joel Schumacher
-Audio Commentary with Writers Carol Doyle and Mary Agnes Donoghue
-Public Mask, Private Fears: The Making of Veronica Guerin
-A Conversation with Producer Jerry Bruckheimer
-Deleted Scene: Veronica Guerin Speaks at the Committee to Protect Journalists
-The Real Veronica Guerin Speaks at the Committee to Protect Journalists
-Producer’s Photo Diary with Jerry Bruckheimer

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