And take this opportunity to launch their new line of Syrian spices

A little more than a year after launching their catering service last May, Les Filles Fattoush are thrilled to announce that they will operate a kiosk at the Jean-Talon Market this summer. Located in the green alley, on the North side (next to flower shop Binette et filles), the shop will offer ready-to-eat items, including mezzes of all kinds: hummus, baba ganoush, muhammara, as well as homemade juices in the great Syrian culinary tradition. Make sure to taste their tamarind juice, their lemonade, their orange nectar, and their apricot juice. The girls will also sell their famous line of Syrian spices. A cornerstone of Montréal’s cultural and culinary diversity, the market is making the choice, by adding this kiosk, to offer a Syrian food option, but also a vegan one to its visitors. Moreover, the shop will serve as a collection point for the catering orders. 
A reminder of the essence of the organization. Part of the international movement to help Syrian refugees, Les Filles Fattoush are a catering service that offers work experience to Syrian refugee women in Quebec. This female empowerment initiative can count on the knowhow, culture and generosity of these women. Everything starts with Syrian cuisine. The catering service is available for businesses or at home, for small or large groups, and for corporate lunchbox needs. Les Filles Fattoush offer an experience that goes beyond its culinary aspect–it’s an opportunity to bring cultures closer together and for collective enrichment.

« In one year, more than twenty women have worked with Les Filles Fattoush, and there have been more than 600 catering orders. Last week, the organization won the Services to businesses award at the Alpha Contest of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent–Mount Royal. Not bad for its first year of existence! » Geneviève Comeau,  executive director at Les Filles Fattoush
A NEW LINE OF SPICES TO SPICE UP YOUR SUMMER!Recently, the girls launched their new line of Syrian spices. Imported directly from Syria, they are packaged and labelled right her in Montréal by their team. They include Za’atar, an original blend by Les Filles Fattoush with a lot of sesame seeds for a grilled nut aroma. Their pomegranate molasses is made out of a single ingredient, pomegranate grown around Aleppo, juiced and slowly reduced to a syrup. Also available: sumac, the key ingredient of fattoush salad, and Aleppo spices, a blend of spices that is delicious with kebabs or with lamb. In order to keep promoting Syrian culture, the spices are of very high quality, grown and ground traditionally by Syrian artisans in Aleppo. While they are essential to Middle Eastern cuisine, these spices work wonderfully with local cuisine, as well as vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Try our fattoush salad recipe!
Try our fattoush salad recipe

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