Moon Vs Sun – I’m Going to Break Your Heart

For many couples going to work seperately gives them time to recharge their batteries, be with different people and come back to their relationships renewed. What I mean is that it is hard for a couple to share a home life and a work life. That did not seem to scare off Canadian musicians Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida. Both, for roughly two decades, had constructed, in their own right, successful music careers. Her as a solo artist and writing for other musicians like Avril Lavigne, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Gwen Stefani. Him as the frontman for rock band Our Lady Peace. Now after 20 years of marriage and three kids they decided to pool their resources and work together under the moniker, Moon Vs Sun. Their debut album, which was years in the making, is entitled I’m Going to Break Your Heart. With 11 tracks that they wrote largely while on the remote French island of St. Pierre et Miquelon, it is them bearing their hearts, souls and marriage to the public. The most obviously revealing tracks are the title track, “I Can Change” and “I Love it When You Make Me Beg”. Most of the tracks here tell tales of the struggles of their relationship. It is raw and revealing stuff. Though completely different personalities (her being outgoing and he being more of an introvert) they both are great lyricists and storytellers and that is what you will most take away from the album; how clear a picture they paint. Sonically it is more like a Kreviazuk album than the stuff we are used to from Maida/Our Lady Peace. The highlight for me is the song “Lowlight” which features some stunning vocals by Kreviazuk. For the most part, they share lead vocals duties. Each taking their turn in the spotlight…like any good relationship should.

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