Instagram Star Naz+ unveils his new Single “My Kingdom”

Excited to announce the release of the single “My Kingdom” from Montreal-based guitarist Naz+ on June 14, 2019, off of his debut album GRAMS due out later in January 2020. 

Naz+ is a Montreal-based social media influencer – 26,000 followers on Instagram – whose debut album GRAMS comes as a nod to his platform of choice. The concept behind the opus is to feature numerous musicians that Naz met over social media. A total of fourteen collaborators birthed the album, which features compositional styles as diverse as its creators.

The single “My Kingdom” features New-Zealand-based singer and Instagram star Emily C. Browning, New York’s Eldar Djangirov on piano and Montreal producer Lucas Liberatore. GRAMS aims to showcase eclectic styles, to assemble creators from multiple countries and disparate horizons, while utilizing various social media platforms to demonstrate that hidden talents worth hearing exist everywhere. Its ultimate vision is to create music that reflects the diversity of Naz’s musical influences growing up. Be it R&B, jazz, metal, pop or otherwise, what counts is that the music is great.

About Naz+

Hrag-Nazareth “Naz” Keuchkerian a.k.a Naz+ is a 27 year old musician from Montreal, Canada. He started playing guitar when he was 14 and quickly became obsessed with it. He continued to study Jazz at McGill university, but eventually dropped out to pursue business interests.

He realized many of the skills he had learned while studying Jazz applied to building a business, specially the improvisation part! It also occurred to him that much of what he learned building a business was applicable in the world of music. So he decided to go back to music with a new project in mind. 

After a year of growing a social media following (25k now), his project “GRAMS” was born. With this project, Naz’s ambition was to show the beauty of social networks by creating music with artists from all over the world while sitting in his room. 

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