NIKI NIKI project alluring vocals on shimmering electropop number ‘Pretty Sunny Funny Walk’


  French- born trio, Niki Niki create a fully alluring taste of dreamy digital soul tracks with overflowing emotion. The band return withtheir latest visual release of single ‘Pretty Sunny Funny Walk’ – Directed by lead vocalist, songwriter and bass player Mélodie Orru, Niki Niki certainly have complete control over their creativity.  

Niki Niki avoid sounding like anyone else in particular, their unique sound gently drops you into a musical daydream, experiencing all levels of their intense talent and creativity. Defined by an androgynous pop sensibility, the trio create music that is dreamy and synthetic, taking inspiration from David Bowie and Brian Eno, Niki Niki have created a sound rarely heard before, their debut album ‘Absence’ will be released later this year.  

Currently living in Paris, Niki Niki have taken full advantage of the beauty that surrounds them. From supporting Ibeyi, Joan As Police Woman, Christophe and many more with the band, lead-vocalist Mélodie Orru currently performs a few shows as singer at the famous Jean-Paul Gaultier ‘Freak Fashion Show’ at Les Folies Bergères in Paris.  

Niki Niki explains “Our music is the fruit of a transformation from tears to inner diamonds, an emotional pop which interrogates the actual world with all its violence and beauty. Our lyrics deal with reality through metaphoric waves.”  

Directed by Mélodie, she speaks a little about the concept behind the visual; ‘”Pretty Sunny Funny Walk” starts from a strong visual concept. That of telling the story of a couple only filming one body part: the legs. Loneliness, encounter, love, absence. Violence. I have worked with two English dancers, Eve Stainton and Michael Kitchin, from The Uncollective, both with incredible charisma and an infinite generosity.  

‘An english-french story.’  

‘Pretty Sunny Funny Walk’ will be available on all platforms from the 5th June 2019. 


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