The Twist: The Incident at Treasury Gardens @ Toronto True Crime Film Fest

In five minutes the details of an actual true crime unfold on the screen in front of you. The Twist is an Australian web series which you can see on You Tube. One of the episodes screened at the Toronto True Crime Film Fest.

The episode is called The Incident at Treasury Gardens, is just over five minutes long and was directed by Brendan J. Doyle. It is an animated recreation of the events leading up to a murder.

In May of 1872 in Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens, Edward Feeney and Charles Marks had planned a duel to the death. Edward Feeney is the sole survivor and Marks is dead. Feeney tells police that Marks shot himself. A media storm arises and rumours abound.

The police investigation uncovers new evidence when they interview a barman at a wine bar the two men habitually frequented together. That leads to further parts of the story from a photographer. Finally, the autopsy on Marks totally contradicts Feeney’s story. A twist!

Short and plenty of fun. The story is told very quickly, but not too quickly. Easy to follow and keeps you guessing. Totally had me involved and wanting to check out the other episodes of The Twist.

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