Magnum P.I.: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

Another reboot from the 80s. Tom Selleck and that moustache brought Thomas Magnum to television watchers. The show was set in Hawaii and centered around a private investigator, who was a bit of a ladies man, and the cases he undertook. Now, in the year 2018, the series is back with actor Jay Hernandez in the titular role.

Despite the fact that this show has potential as it involves both action and comedy, it proves itself to be rather a shadow of the original. The original did everything in a rather tongue in cheek style not taking itself too seriously. This allowed those who watched to have plenty of fun while doing so. Could be categorized as a guilty pleasure with action for the guys and…well…Tom Selleck for the ladies.

The redux seems to have forgotten that. Forging ahead like a serious action series. Setting expectations that it never attains. The dialogue is awful and even the action sequences are rather hokey. Mostly and sadly, the series falters because Jay Hernandez is not Tom Selleck.

After serving his country as a Navy SEAL and having been a POW in Afghanistan with two of his fellow soldiers, Rick Wright (played by Zachary Knighton) and TC Calvin (played by Stephen Hill), Thomas Magnum (played by Jay Hernandez) is back stateside and out of the military. Settled on the island of Hawaii, he is attempting to set himself up as a private investigator while at the same time working as a security consultant for multi-millionaire author Robin Masters.

Part of the gig with Robin Masters is living on his vast estate in the guest house. There he clashes with the more serious than a case of poison ivy, Juliett Higgins (played by Perdita Weeks). She, a former MI6 agent, finds him and his ways less than amusing.

Despite the fact that he is really just starting out as a private investigator, Magnum finds himself involved in plenty of serious cases. That brings him in conflict with HPD detective Katsumodo (played by Tim Kang)

Keep your eyes peeled for cameo appearances by Ken Jeong, Cyndi Lauper, Carl Weathers, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Corbin Bernsen, Jordana Brewster, and Brian Austin Green.

Special Features:

-Launch Promos

-Magnum PI – the Rising of the Sun: Season 1

-Scoring Magnum P.I.

-Kumu + Katsumoto

-Watch! Magazine Shoot with Jay Hernandez

-Gag Reel

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