UVEE: First Eco-responsible Optometry Clinic Opens in Montreal

Three young optometrists are set to open a brand new innovative optometry clinic in Le Petit Laurier in Plateau Mont-Royal district. Aware of the growing environmental challenges, the initiative of Dr. Alex-Anne Harvey, OD, Dr. Olivier Parenteau, OD and Dr. Steven A. Sutton. OD aims to provide patients with products and services that reflect their eco-responsible values. A first in Montreal! The mission: to make consumers aware of biodegradable or recycled products and send a message encouraging the optical industry to adopt a social and ecological commitment.

All of the companies Uvée works with pay special attention to their impact on the environment, particularly by using organic materials (wood, cotton) or recycled materials, planting trees to offset their carbon footprint, or by giving back to non profits organizations. The three optometrists will also adopt a zero waste approach in all of the clinic’s practices. Whether through the use of computerized records, disinfection of instruments with reusable materials and minimizing the use of packaging. On a more personal level, they also collaborate with Optometrists Without Borders to help prepare their humanitarian missions.

The official opening of the clinic, whose unique design was conceived of by the firm Catherine Catherine, will be held on July 11 at 1668 Laurier Avenue East in Montreal from 5 pm to 9 pm.


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