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Railroad worker, revenge, corrupt lawman, and country star Trace Adkins!?! That package should attract the eyes of fans of Westerns and country music. Most of those who take the time to watch this film will be moderately happy they did. Moderately because it is a flawed film, but still a worthwhile watch.

Most come to U.S. looking for living the American Dream. Many find that a rough going. Chinese native Jing Phang (Jon Foo – from television’s Rush Hour) and his beloved wife Li (Nelli Tsay) are attempting to do just that. He has gotten a job working on the railroad. While times are tough and money is scarce as they are living in a tent in a settlement, their love is still strong.

Jing’s life is shattered when the evil to the core son of the town’s marshal, James Walker (Kaiwi Lyman – from television’s American Horror Story), accidentally kills Li while raping her. Blinded by his grief, Jing foes on a killing rampage in his attempt to seek revenge against the man who killed his wife. Marshal Walker (Trace Adkins – The Lincoln Lawyer, Deepwater Horizon) knows his son is in the wrong, but promised his deceased wife he would look out for the young man. So he is going to protect James at all costs.

Pulled into this whole mess is drunkard bounty hunter Chris King (Sean Patrick Flanery – The Boondock Saints, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter). Despite having no real horse in the race, he seems to have his money (and life) on Jing.

Interesting mix in the action sequences (which is why most watch Westerns, no?) with the whole punch up and gunfighting mixed with Asian style hand to hand combat. What I could see I enjoyed. By that I mean the camera work was sometimes suspect in these scenes with things being shot too close up and it being very dark. I understand establishing a signature look, but this is something that inhibits the film in spots.

Despite this being a rather low budget film the cast here does a great job. Making things seem realistic and gritty. There some names in Flanery. Adkins and even Danny Trejo shows up for a bit, but even those with a lower profile do well.

The film can be streamed on iTunes.

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