Jack Ryan: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

Amazon’s Prime Video is beginning to become a player in the streaming world. It is bringing quality series to the table. One which debuted this past season was Jack Ryan, a series based on the character from Tom Clancy novels. In the lead role is John Krasinski, a likable actor who now gets his own series in which he is the lead. It has been a longtime coming for Krasinski as he has been acting for quite a while and yet this is the first time he is the “star”.

Even if you have not read the books you can still follow the short series. Filled with plenty of action sequences, some intrigue and a story which is not too complex but involved enough to keep you interested. Enough that you will want to watch season two.

This is a case of great casting in that Krasinski is perfect for the role. Perfect in the multi-dimensional role. He pulls off the all-American paper pusher, damaged former soldier, as well as an agent in the field doing all that physical stuff. Jim from The Office is a guy who can do it all.

Afghan war vet Jack Ryan (played by John Krasinski) is now working at the CIA as an analyst. He is a money man, meaning he follows the trail of money in known terrorist organizations in the Middle East. But in short order he is out from behind the desk. Jack has noticed some suspicious money transfers and alerted his boss, James Greer (played by Wendell Pierce).

Now the two of them are chasing Suleiman (played by Ali Suliman) through Europe and the Middle East suspecting he has concocted a plot against the United States. Jack also finds himself in the beginning of something with Dr. Cathy Mueller (played by Abbie Cornish) so has to lead a double life. In other words, his plate is rather full at the moment.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

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