Captive State – Blu-ray Edition

People are worried. Worried about the state of the world. Where we are going. That is why films like this come out. Films where the beacon of the free world the U.S. is shown to have turned into a police state. A frightening place to live. This time it takes on the form of aliens. Aliens who have invaded, taken over and now rule.

Things which have frightened humans include such things as sharks, serial killers, ghosts, and aliens. Many a film has been produced featuring humans attempting to triumph against these scary features. It seems to give us a sense of security if we can triumph over them. It allows us to sleep at night.

Sometimes though filmmmakers, in this instance one man band – director, producer and co-writer Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Escapist), try to do too much with the race track they have been given. In this instance it is 109 very dark minutes. Wyatt has jammed in as much as he can hoping for success. In some ways he is while others he fails.

They say that first impressions are vital. In this instance they prove to be almost deadly. Deadly in the sense that the first almost hour or so of the film is rather dull. Not seemingly going anywhere and devoid of any real action, many I am sure gave up on Captive State. That is too bad. Patience would have served to show that quality to pay off as the last 40 minutes or so provide a pay off.

There is often too much going on. At times the story and even the relationship between characters becomes confusing due to all the clutter. A simple premise of a global alien invasion and take over gone over the top. Set ten years after the invasion the planet and humans are ruled over by aliens. We were lied to. The aliens pledged peace and brought the complete opposite once they gained control. Humans were forced to work with them. Police over others to gain safety.

In Chicago, one of those is police officer William Mulligan (played by John Goodman). Rebellion is always a possibility and Mulligan has been tasked with stopping it. What was once so clear has now become a little tricky when the son of his former partner, Gabriel (played by Ashton Sanders), debates joining the rebellion or being a snitch for Mulligan.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Igniting a War

-Building the World of Captive State

-Feature Commentary with Director/Producer/Co-Writer Rupert Wyatt and Producer David Crockett

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