Harpoon @ Fantasia

This Brazil/Canada co-production had its Quebec premiere at Fantasia. Director Rob Grant has brought two films previously to the festival – Yesterday in 2009 and Mon Ami in 2012. His third happens mostly on a yacht. Three people in tight quarters. One who is a spoiled rich guy (Christopher Gray – from television’s The Mist) with a temper problem and believes that his best friend (Munro Chambers – Turbo Kid, Godsend) is sleeping with his girlfriend (Emily Tyra – from television’s Code Black). Unfortunately those last two people are on the yacht with him, so yeah…

That is pretty much the story along with the yacht’s engine dying, them being out of food and one person with a harpoon through his hand. It’s a lot in short amount of time. Plenty of fighting, anger, paranoia, violence, and finally blood.

Part crazy and part funny. Everyone just goes for it here. Especially the director/writer Grant. Things are cranked up early, settle a little, but not for long as they amp up again.

This is the type of film you can have a lot of fun with. As there is crazy, stupid action or physical stuff alongside some funny dialogue. Dark with equally dark humour. Though there is some drama here nothing you will have a chance of getting bored with.

A cool element is the narration. It is done by Brett Gelman, who most will recognize vocally from his role in the series Fleabag. It is cool because with the narration you are given a bunch of other information and backstory which fills in the details you need to know.

Besides only being three to carry the film, plenty is demanded of the main actors as there are a couple of long uninterrupted sequences with loads of dialogue. Some of those long scenes are rather emotional as well.

The scariest films tend to operate on the edges of boundaries. Moral ones. This one toys with trust and friendship. How big a betrayal would it take to jeopardize tight friendships? And once that trust is gone? Universal themes tend to get audiences squirming in their seats the most. All kinds of questions crop up in your mind especially in the last half. How strong is my survival urge? How far would I go to live? Would I try to save just myself or others as well?

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