TIFF 2019 – One of the World’s Biggest Film Festivals is Just Around the Corner

Once again this year Orcasound will be at TIFF covering the film festival. It is huge! So much stuff to see and do over the 11 days of the festival. This year it runs from September 5 – 15. Big films will screen and huge film stars will be in attendance.

Way back in 1976 while we were hosting the Olympic Games here in Montreal, the city of Toronto began the Toronto International Film Festival. Initially it was a film festival which showed films from other festivals. Over the subsequent 43 editions it has changed it modus operandi and grown and grown some more. It is now up at the upper echelon of film festivals in the world. Should be seen as a source of pride for this country that one of our cities hosts one of the world’s biggest film festivals.

It has become de rigeur over the past decade or so that films with Oscar aspirations debut at TIFF. For instance in 2018 films which went on to earn Oscar nominations that screened at TIFF included A Star is Born, Roma, Can You Ever Forgive Me?, The Wife (which screened in 2017), First Man, and If Beale Street Could Talk. It has also been a platform for young or new filmmakers to announce their arrival. New(ish) directors like Max Minghella, Jonah Hill, Joel Edgerton, and Canadian Justin Kelly had films screened alongside veterans like Mike Leigh, Jean-Luc Godard, Peter Farrelly, and Paul Greengrass.

TIFF is also THE place to see the stars. Certainly a case of screen it and they will come. If they have a film at TIFF unless they are filming something else, the actors/actresses/directors will be there and walk the red carpet. Last year saw Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Chantal Kreviazuk, Melissa McCarthy, Kate Beckinsale, Elle Fanning, Dave Chapelle, Chris Pine, Xavier Dolan, Patricia Clarkson, and a ton of others make an appearance. Not only do you get to see them and possibly take a selfie with them on the carpet, but there are often Q&As at some of the screenings.

This year is shaping up to be another blockbuster. Just recently the first slate of films was released and it looks great! There are films by directors like Michael Winterbottom, James Mangold, Canadian Atom Egoyan, Taika Waititi, Noah Baumbauch, Edward Norton, and Pedro Almodovar. Star power will be up to the usual standards with Antonio Banderas, Liam Neeson, Ansel Elgort, Gary Oldman, Adam Driver, Priyanka Chopra, Tim Roth, Anthony Hopkins, Adam Sandler, and Bruce Springsteen all in films announced to be screening. And there is and will be more.

Passes have already gone on sale and as per usual are selling lightning fast. Don’t hesitate if you want to get your hands on one. Individual tickets will go on sale later in August.

Keep tuned here for more news and reveals before the beginning of the festival.

Additional Information:

-Dates: September 5-15, 2-19

-Website: www.tiff.net

-Ticket and Pass Purchase: http://www.tiff.net

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