Will & Grace – The Revival: Season Two

I am of two minds about this show. One part of me realizes it is nothing but schlock which panders to the Liberal part of the population. Preaching to the choir, in other words. The other part of me loves and has always loved this show. It is equal parts silly and serious. Because the laughs are of the belly variety the serious moments tend to hit even harder. Like this season, the whole episode about Grace’s father not wanting to take Will’s blood because he is gay and Will accepting it because he is tired of fighting. Perfection! There are many moments like that hidden within the Karen is drunk again or Grace eats too much jokes. They make you work for it.

Admittedly you will spend most of your time during the 18 episodes alternating between shaking your head or roaring with laughter at the shenanigans. No, I am not a 75 year old woman. It is shenanigans which go on here. Physical comedy, sight gags and barbed dialogue are de rigeur with Will & Grace.

Some have complained about the amount of politics which has worked its way into the humour. I argue that this should not be such a surprise as the show has always made reference to the hot topics du jour and honestly, who isn’t talking about American politics?

This season special guests include David Schwimmer, Matt Bomer, Samira Wiley and Chelsea Handler.

They have recently announced that the next season will be the last…but we have heard that one before haven’t we.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Gag Reel

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