The first track on his highly anticipated debut EP arriving this September.


Born in rural Ohio and currently based in
Nashville, James Droll is
an artist who takes the good with the bad. His collection of soul-searching
songs explores the heart after the fall of a relationship, something that
connects anyone who listens. The dark pop tunes are filled with stunning
lyrics, tight harmonies, and swelling chords that reach right into the heart
and twist with the sweetest of pain. In true James fashion, James also releases
the video
for “Self Sacrifice”
featuring his llama club “llovable
llamas” which sees James and his siblings showing llamas at a 4-H

Droll made his debut with his song ‘Wall’ which was placed on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and quickly charted on the Spotify U.S. and Global Viral Charts. He has since released several other singles, the most notable being a feature on Justin Caruso’s (Big Beat/Atlantic) song “Caving ft. JamesDroll” (Big Beat / Atlantic) which he co-wrote and has over 9 million Spotify streams. James is also a writer on Vintage Culture & Adam K’s “Pour Over” which has over 30 million streams on Spotify and charted at 33 on Billboard’s Dance Club Chart. Most recently, James is a writer and feature on Devault’s new EP (Geffen). Droll’s strength in the room is inventive lyrics and helping to push the boundaries for the artist in the room. Thus-far in 2019, Droll has performed at Bonnaroo, SXSW, and Sundance Film Festival.

A Quote From James Droll:
“Self Sacrifice is a dip into a different energy, a look at being told what to feel and understanding your emotional responses. I was telling a story to Reed (my producer/musical BFF) about how I had finally pinpointed what emotion in a movie/show will make me cry… and it’s that part where someone stays behind or puts themselves as a risk for the betterment of the others. I laughed about how there have been times where I didn’t feel like I was processing things the way people told me I should..but that remains my constant emotional Achilles heel. We decided to give the song a relational aspect because a lot of these interactions I’ve hadwith people who tried to explain to me how I should feel about a given thing…were ex-boyfriends… so it was an easy topic to lather on.”
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