Catherine MacLellan – “Roll With The Wind” + “Emmet’s Song”

Hot on the heels of her first two singles released last month, JUNO-award winner Catherine MacLellan, returns with another double release,Roll With The Wind” andEmmet’s Song” from her forthcoming album COYOTE. This self-produced record is a travelogue through heartbreak, loss and the joy of life, set to be released in October 2019. 

Listen here // Watch Catherine MacLellan‘s video for “Roll With The Wind” on YouTube.

Some thoughts from Catherine on the songs:

Roll With The Wind” was written for a few male friends in my life, who would come and visit me at my country home and somehow disturb all the quiet peace. They’d waltz in from the city, break all the girl’s hearts, start fights with the guys, drink all the booze, and then leave me to clean up their mess. And yet, I would always welcome them back.

Emmet’s Song“was written for my teenage nephew. He was going through such a tough point of his life, so much change and feeling outcast from society and his family. He asked to stay with me for a while, and I took him in. The two of us learned so much during that time. I was so inspired by his bravery, walking through life with his head up and heart open despite the hardships he was going through.

Catherine’s previous album of original material, The Raven’s Sun, won a JUNO for Roots Recording of the Year in 2015. Since then she’s been building a catalogue of songs just waiting to come to light. The songs are a result of big changes in her life and perspective. And while The Raven’s Sun was an intimate look into her musical work with long-time collaborator Chris Gauthier, COYOTE builds on that and adds the sounds of a fuller band. As well, it adds some more traditional East Coast instrumentation of accordions, fiddles and bouzouki.

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