Occurrence at Mills Creek

This almost 20 minute short is meant to be most of the opening act of an upcoming feature film of the same title. The feature length film will be released in 2020 as it is currently in production with director Don Swanson.

Tragedy strikes when 15-year-old Cassandra (Alexa Mechling – A Wish for Giants) passes away. It is now her funeral/wake and she is in a coffin. Her estranged father (Joe Fishel) is there and her older sister Clara (Ava Psoras – first film). Clara is obviously feeling a ton of guilt over the deaths of first her mother and now her younger sister. She is blaming her father for them.

Strangeness begins when Cassandra begins to awaken. She is not dead! Still in a rather weakened state, she desperately wants to communicate she is not dead. Of course when this becomes apparent people are spooked. The belief is that this is a supernatural occurrence. So Cassandra begins to believe that she is actually dead.

The whole mythology aspect of the film is rather creepy with a dead person coming back to life…or do they? That whole idea freaks most people out.

Harkening back to horror films of the 70s and 80s, Occurrence at Mills Creek will make you feel like you are watching an ode to old school horror films of those decades. Heavy on the disturbing and continuously building atmosphere.

At times watching I was a little confused and had to rewatch scenes. Definitely things happening in a non linear fashion doesn’t help. That plus the fact that the performances of the two younger leads tend towards the wooden leads to a film which was hard to get into at times.

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