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A flicker of light in 2000, Montréal’s MUTEK festival has grown into a steady glow over its two decades—a vital showcase for the on-going evolution, vibrancy and craft of live electronic music and audiovisual performance. A singular presence in Canada, MUTEK has established itself as a nexus for international artistry and an incubator of home-grown talents. 

Stretching over 6 days and nights, the festival has wrapped its deliberations and is ready to reveal the full scope of its momentous 20th edition. With 20 world, 22 North American and 23 Canadian premieres the festival delivers a significant number of exclusive and unique experiences to festival-goers, underlining its mandate to provide a context for contemporary artistry and serve as a vehicle for discovery. The full and complete schedule of performances and programs is now online!

A Free Way In

The perfect way to sample MUTEK for free is during the Expérience series on the outdoor stage of the Esplanade de la Place des Arts. From Wednesday 5pm until Sunday at 11pm, lineups are packed with a multiplicity of angles on live electronic music genres, and styles from all over the world—capped off each night with DJ sets from seasoned selectors—with Nicola Cruz and John Tejada, along with RAMZi as dj FATi recently added. Under the late August sky, the always friendly environment of this locale, with its hangout spaces, an array of street food, refreshments, and a rebranded MUTEK brew by Harricana offers a generous entry point into the festival.

Lights, Videography, Stage Design

The visual presentation at MUTEK always highlights visionary VJs, pairing them in the performance program, and this year we are thrilled to present a cast of luminous artists. Additionally, running throughout the week, the scenography at MTelus and 7 Fingers Studios was designed for MUTEK by Cadie Desbiens (Push 1 stop) and Arnaud Belley-Ferris. Keep your eyes peeled for their ocular delights.

Visuals and scenographies by:

Arnaud Belley-Ferris CA-QC Baya CA-QC BUN BUN CA-QC Cafrine + Yanneek CA-QC Diagraf CA-QC Joaquina Salgado AR Myriam Boucher CA-QC Prifma AR Push 1 stop CA-QC

New Commission and Screening for ISM Hexadome 

MUTEK is proud to present two special additions to the ISM Hexadome audiovisual installation at the MAC: a new commission by local audiokinetic sculptor Herman Kolgen, which explores the way traces of light are encoded in our memory—and an exclusive screening of Darren Aronofsky’s controversial environmental parable MOTHER! adapted for the ISM Hexadome by Little Cinema.

Details, tickets and times here


For audiences into the full 360-degree immersive experience, the SAT has programmed 5 evenings of audiovisual performance during the festival. MUTEK passholders are eligible for a preferred rate on tickets for these limited capacity performances inside the dome of Satosphère. Each project is presented twice, with the first show at 8pm and a second at 10pm.

More info here.

Tuesday: Robot Koch & Michael Legoff — SphereDE+FR   / Wednesday: Peter Kutin & Patrik Lechner — RotorAT  / Thursday: Merovee & Blindsp0t — Fields FR  / Friday:  Line Katcho —  InsurrectionCA-QC / Saturday:   Alex Guevara — Transient PE-DE


In 2018 MUTEK Montréal achieved gender parity in its program for the first time. Building on this accomplishment the festival remains committed to opening space for women, non-binary and diverse artists—providing opportunities for performance, exhibition, career building, workshops and networking. The British Council initiative Amplify returns this edition, connecting an active network of women-identified artists and curators working in the digital arts, sound and immersive storytelling sectors in Latin America, Canada and the UK. This year’s cohort convenes a core of artists from Peru, Argentina, the UK and Canada, expanding for this Montréal edition to regroup more local artists and include women from Japan and Mexico. Project details here.

Akiko Nakayama JP  Analucia Roeder PE Chloe Alexandra Thompson CA + US CLON x NWRMTC ES / UK CMDCA-QC Desert Bloom CA-QC Dora Bartilotti MX Flora Yin-Wong UK France Jobin & Richard Chartier CA-QC + US Gene Tellem CA-QC Giselle Angeles PE Joaquina Salgado AR Kaleema AR Kathy Hinde UK Libby Heaney UK Nelly-Eve Rajotte CA-QC OBUXUM CA-QC Ouri CA-QC PRIFMA AR DJ FATi (Ramzi) CA-QC rkss DE / UK Stephanie Castonguay CA-QC Tamayugé CA-QC The Quark Model IR + CA-QC Joni Void & Sonya Stefan FR+CA-QC

Exhibition: Imagining Our Digital Futures at SAT, 7 Fingers Studios and Salle d’exposition de l’Espace culturel Georges-Émile Lapalme

MUTEK launches an exhibition to complement Forum IMG. Imagining Our Digital Futures gathers 12 audiovisual installations and 8 VR experiences in three different locales, offering a diverse experience of digital and analogue artworks that consider the way technologies reflect our ideas about where we might be headed.

Audiovisual installations by:

Giselle Angeles PE  Samuel David CA-QC  Peter Flemming & Stephen Kelly CA-QC+NS  Olivia McGilchrist FR-JA-QC  Vincent Morisset CA-QC Cinzia Campolese IT-QC  Robert Henke DE  Alice Jarry CA-QC Lawrence Lek UK  Anna Ridler UK  Joanie Lemercier FR-BE  Allison Moore CA-BC

Virtual Reality works by: 

Ayahuasca – Kosmik Journey by Jan Kounen FR  Claude Monet – The Water Lily Obsession by Nicolas Thépot FR  Experiencia by Joaquina Salgado AR  Fantasma de Cristal by Analucia Roeder PE  Free Fall by Dana Gingras CA-QC  Gymnasia by Chris Lavis & Maciek Szczerbowski CA-QC  Manic by Kalina Bertin CA-QC  Museum of Symmetry by Paloma Dawkins CA-QC 

Venues, vernissage and opening hours here.

A Rich Rendezvous for Professionals

More than 100 professionals from around the world, representing a wide range of disciplines and interests join the festival this year as participants in public presentations and a variety of networking activities. 

Focussed on a range of arts and industry intersecting with technologies and the ways they affect social, political and lived experiences, the complete program of Forum IMG is now online—including a series of limited capacity masterclasses, and a special session highlighting the research-creation of professors and student artists involved with Montréal’s Hexagram network.

Details and tickets here

Digi Lab: Free Daytime Discussions, Presentations, Q&As and Gear Showroom

The various free panels, presentations and artist Q&As of Digi Lab, the festival’s familiar daytime program, cover contemporary issues related to music, art, technology and cultural issues in our milieu. Topics include: music industry, career development, discoverability, press coverage, women in digital arts and electronic music, artificial intelligence in Japan, and forward-thinking arts organizations and festivals.

Full schedule of activities here.

Digi Lab expands to a new locale with a free gear showroom called Sonic Circuits, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, August 24 and 25 at the multidisciplinary art space Never Apart. Featuring a cornucopia of synths and pedals, demonstrations, talks and performances, manufacturers are also on site to explain and sell their wares.

More details here.

Workshops and Masterclasses Friday and Saturday

This edition also features a series of practical and educational workshops and masterclasses priced at $15. For audiovisual enthusiasts, there’s Expanded Cinema: Mapping and Immersive Installation with Nelly-Eve Rajotte; new media curator and producer Juliette Bibasse leads a session on realizing A/V projects, and Jean-Ambroise Vesac leads a module on participatory projects in augmented reality. For musicians, Sebastian Mullaert and band mates from Circle of Live pull back the curtain on the philosophy and practice behind their improvised music and life. Ana Serrano Chief Digital Officer of the Canadian Film Centre and Founder of the CFC Media Lab provides deep insight into the business and project ecosystem for artists and “art-preneurs.”

Schedule and tickets here.

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