Montreal Pride Festival – LESBIAN SPEED DATE FROM HELL! @ Le Ministère – August 15, 2019 & Interview with Show

Lesbian Speed Date From Hell! is a comedy/horror play filled with a quick wit and quirky characters. Satirical with some edginess, it has just the right amount of grit and camp to get a good laugh. The social commentary driving this theatrical bus is about online dating cultures and stereotypes. It also takes a dig at “ghosting” or “cloaking”, which is an increasing phenomenon in social relationships. “Ghosting” is the term used when people remove themselves from relationships without notice and or explanation.

The actors in the play portray single lesbians, (except one straight male character) who attend a speed dating event. The play gives homage to Stephen King’s Misery, and as a parody, the story is about a woman who sets out to get revenge against another woman who had once “ghosted” her.

There are twists and turns and yet beneath the slapstick, the undertones were hard to miss, such as the potential dangers of online dating and the effect negative experiences have on the human psyche. 

The dialogue was entertaining and intelligent, so there was little need for props, although, the props were creative and well utilized. 

The cost is friendly for any budget and the duration of the play is just under an hour. 

The venue, Le Ministère, provided a perfect and intimate setting for the play, with bistro-style seating and a fully equipped bar.

Orcasound asked the show’s writer/producer Christina Saliba a few questions regarding her play and what inspired her:

Abbey –  “What initially inspired you to write this play?” 

Christina – “My writing team of Lorna Kidjo and Adam Kolodny and I are die-hard horror fans and when I came across Festival De La Bête Noire, Montreal’s first ever horror-themed theatre festival, looking for submissions, this provided us an excellent platform to bring a niche genre of theatre, horror-comedy, to Montreal audiences. Adam had an idea for a horror film surrounding a speed dating event and with my own personal experiences attending lesbian speed dating events in Montreal, it just clicked. This also presented us with an opportunity to connect more with the queer community, which we are apart of, and delve into themes of disconnection and isolation that are so rampant in today’s digital cyberspace we all live in.”

Abbey- “What kind of future do you envision for queer theatre in the digital age?”

Christina – “I think with brands like “Rupaul’s Drag Race” and “Queer Eye”, queer content is certainly becoming more popular and mainstream. Queer content is slowly but surely gaining momentum, however female/trans/ non-binary / POC queer voices still do not have as large and prominent platforms as their male counterparts. I think it’s important we provide those spaces particularly for the highly marginalized groups under the queer umbrella and at all costs support authentic queer representation on stage. I think in time, the lines between queer theatre and traditional theatre will be blurred as diversity will be so present and accepted that we won’t need to refer to a show as queer.”

Abbey- “ What’s next? Do you have something on your artistic back-burner?” 

Christina – “Yes but I’m a big fan of surprises and I don’t want to give too much away! Let’s just say it’s not the end of “Lesbian Speed Date From Hell!”

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