Mutek 2019 – Experience 2 @ Esplanade Place des Arts – August 22, 2019

Being inclusive is a big part of Mutek. All different ages and types of people attend the festival. All feel welcomed. All find something to appreciate and dance to. Another big part of the inclusive nature of the festival is that each year there is a series called Experience. It happens outdoors and is free. On the Esplanade of Place des Arts starting before the sun goes down a series of DJs do roughly hour long sets. There is food and a couple of bars there so you can spend the evening not missing a moment of the music. It is like being at an outdoor club.

For Experience 2 (the second night of the festival) the evening was a pleasantly cool one. It featured a line up of five different DJs. It was a Canadian themed night with all five being from here. And four are from right here in Quebec. Starting at 5 pm. YlangYlang was followed by Slim Media Player and then Akufen.

I arrived around 8:45 to find Montrealer Xavier Lubuis, who also performs under the name Timbral Fresco, making the crowd sway with his brand of house and techno. A real organic sounding flow was being produced. I meant that in two ways – in that it was rather natural sounding as well as the fact that his set was inspired by his last release organEs, which muses upon the sound of the organs of the 1970s.

After just over an hour DJ FATi (Phoebe Guillemot), who also performs under the name of RAMZi, took the stage. This is when the evening really got going. For the next 90 odd minutes she continued to astound me with her deft sounds and mixes. One moment it was a chill and funky and then the next it was totally danceable. With influences from dancehall, dub and jazz it is an amazing melange. Seems like it should be muddled or disjointed, but it totally works or flows. The perfect ending to a great night of music.

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