Small Town Monsters Unleashes MOMO: The Missouri Monster September 20th DVD and VOD Release Announced for Narrative Horror/Documentary Hybrid

Small Town Monsters has announced the September 20th DVD and VOD release of Seth Breedlove’s docudrama MOMO: The Missouri Monster. The latest title to crawl forth from the production powerhouse behind last year’s best-selling documentary On the Trail of Bigfoot, MOMO: The Missouri Monster seeks to tell the true, and truly strange story of the Missouri Monster. The hair-covered, three-toed monstrosity was said to have prowled the forests of Star Hill, near Louisiana, Missouri during the summer of 1972 where it was spotted by terrified citizens for weeks. The film will be available on DVD, as well as Vimeo OnDemand, Amazon Instant Video, and VIDI Space.

The case gained national media attention during the ’70s and remains one of the largest tourist draws for the tiny town on the banks of the Mississippi River. The latest release from Small Town Monsters and director Seth Breedlove, MOMO: The Missouri Monster is told in both narrative and documentary form. The narrative sections appear as a lost b-movie from the 1970s, inspired by Breedlove’s lifelong fascination with grindhouse movies and creature features. The horror film depicts the widely accepted details of the MOMO legend and is eventually contradicted and corrected by the actual survivors who lived through the events. Breedlove describes MOMO: The Missouri Monster as “Rashomon meets Creature from Black Lake or The Legend of Boggy Creek“.

The year was 1972 and the place was a tiny,
quaint, riverfront town called Louisiana, Missouri. On a warm summer evening,
two local kids saw a creature in their own backyard holding a dead dog. Before
you could say the word “Bigfoot”, local media and police officials
had pounced on the story. Overnight Louisiana became “monster
central” with creature seekers and monster hunters combing the woods to
look for “the thing” that the newspapers had dubbed “MOMO”.
One particular family was at the center of this whirlwind of activity and as
the Missouri Monster sightings began to increase, so did the negative impact on
the Harrisons.

In 1975, a film crew set out to tell an
over-the-top, filmic version of the MOMO sightings. Due to one reason or
another, this should-have-been-cult-classic was never released. Until now.

The film stars Adam Duggan and Sara Heddleston, as well as Animal Planet’s Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay with special appearances by Janet Jay and Elizabeth Saint (Ghosts of Shepherdstown).

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