Corporate Monster

Most of the time when you receive offers to review small budget short films they end up suffering due to a lack of budget. That is not the case here. I enjoyed Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson’s film so much I am hoping it gets the money to become a feature length film.

Yes, it is a rather simple premise, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes filmmakers try to do too much and it all ends up a muddle. Here a man (Kett Turton – Firewall, Blade: Trinity) is let go from his job. Soon his life begins to devolve. He seems out of control. Even his girlfriend (Jenna Coleman – from television’s Victoria) is worried. The pills his doctor (Patrick Joseph Byrnes – Snowden, The Devil’s Advocate) has prescribed seem to be having a negative effect on him. The side effect is that he begins to see creatures which have apparently been attempting to control this world for a long time. Problem is that not everyone can see them, though.

Sorta reminded me of an X-Files (old school series) episode and Neill Blomkamp’s They Live. With a great combo of humans and creatures. Definitely has a political message and is affected by the world we live in. Hits home because it feels so real.

Full film:

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