Chantal Akerman: The Nomadic Films – Retrospective from November 5 to 9 at Cinéma Moderne

Cinéma Moderne and 24 images are pleased to invite you to the 10/10 series, a set of 10 retrospectives and workshops with filmmakers from here and abroad. Four years after her passing, Cinéma Moderne is paying tribute to Chantal Akerman by screening four documentaries, to be presented by Claire Atherton, her long-time editor and collaborator. The retrospective Chantal Akerman: The Nomadic Films will be held from November 5 to 9 at Cinéma Moderne.

Chantal Akerman: The Nomadic Films will begin on Tuesday, November 5, with the documentary From the East, which retraces a journey through Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet bloc. By filming everything that touched her, Akerman sifts through and fixes upon sounds and images as she follows the thread of this subjective crossing. The retrospective will continue the next day, Wednesday, November 6, with the presentation of South, a meditation on the American South still haunted by its slave-holding past. Down There will be presented on Thursday, November 7: in that film, Akerman films from her apartment in Tel-Aviv, and in her narration, she talks about her family, her Jewish identity and her childhood. Her last film, No Home Movie, in which she observes her mother in her Brussels apartment, will be presented on Friday, November 8.

Her works engage in a humanist dialogue with places at once distant and familiar, questioning their relationship with memory and recent history.


From the East

Belgium, France / 1993 / no dialogue / 115 min

Restored copy provided by the Cinémathèque royale de Belgique.

Tuesday, November 5, 8:45 pm *Film editor in attendance

Saturday, November 9, 7:15 pm


Belgium, Finland, France / 1999 / English with French subtitles / 70 min

Wednesday, November 6, 6:45 pm *Film editor in attendance

Down There

Belgium, France / 2006 / French and Hebrew with French subtitles / 78 min

Thursday, November 7, 6:45 pm *Film editor in attendance

No Home Movie

Belgium, France / 2015 / French and English with English subtitles / 115 min

Friday, November 8, 6 pm *Film editor in attendance

Editing Master Class with Claire Atherton

Hosted by Charlotte Selb, curator at Cinéma Moderne

In French

Friday, November 8, 8:15 pm



Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman was one of modern cinema’s most accomplished and visionary artists. Her body of work, spanning documentary, fiction and installations, is highly personal and aesthetically adventurous. Often hailed as a key artist in avant-garde and feminist cinema, for nearly five decades she explored themes of belonging, identity, gender, time and space.


At first, Claire Atherton worked with composition and light, and also took an interest in sound, but she found her true calling in the editing room. In 1984, she met Chantal Akerman during the recording of a performance of the play Letters Home by Rose Leiman Goldemberg. It was the beginning of a 30-year collaboration on the filmmaker’s works, up to and including her final film, No Home Movie, and her final installation, Now.

The retrospective Chantal Akerman: The Nomadic Films at Cinéma Moderne is co-presented by 24 images in collaboration with the Délégation Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Canada Council for the Arts.

The 10/10 series aims to introduce the work of renowned filmmakers, promote exchanges with the public and local artists, and encourage possible collaborations.


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