The Car: Road to Revenge – Unrated

As someone who watches over 200 films or television series a year sometimes you become jaded. Less tolerant. Impatient about films or series which are not up to snuff. Due to the law of averages you see so many poor ones you become harder to please. Maybe even too demanding. Forgetting why you loved film to begin with. The pleasure of watching art unfold before your eyes. Seeing it as an expression of the human condition. Irate that you have to watch one more vapid superhero film. Every so often you try to erase your biases and start fresh.

Then comes a film like The Car: Road to Revenge. And you find yourself biting your lip (or holding back your fingers from typing) because you know that a negative review is going to come out and ruin your attempt at a new positive outlook. Can anything positive be said about a film like this? Even with my new sunny disposition when it comes to films I struggle to find anything good to say about The Car: Road to Revenge.

Crime and corruption is the name of the game in this town. Even the District Attorney is not a good person. What hope can be held out for it? Things go from gloomy to dark when he is murdered by a band of criminals, who operate under the command of a demented scientist. Detective Rainer (Grant Bowler – from television’s Defiance) is on the case.

He follows clues back to a woman named Daria (Kathleen Munroe – from television’s CSI: NY), who used to be romantically involved with the deceased D.A. The gang is after her as they believe she has some technology their leader wants.

What no one realizes is that the D.A. and his newly purchased car have somehow become one and the car, which doesn’t need a driver anymore, is on a revenge mission. The car is going to try and kill all those responsible for the death of the D.A. It will be up to Rainer and Daria to stop it.

Way back in 1977 a film called The Car came out. It was not a good film, but became a horror cult favourite. 32 years later this has come out and it was not worth the wait. The dialogue is incredibly cheesy and the acting horrible. The best job is done by the car as it is all dark, cool and scary. There…I did manage to say something positive about the film. Better end my review there as it is not going to get any better.

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