Even a family which seems perfect to outsiders, probably isn’t. As soon as you involve humans things seem to get tough. Even for young kids. This short film, directed by Parminder Singh, investigates, in a very visually creative way, how hard it is for kids who live with alcoholic parents.

Molly (Molly Blixt Egelin) and her young daughter Ida (Kerstin Jannerup Gjesing) seem to have a wonderful relationship. Lots of love and laughter. However, things change drastically when Molly starts drinking. In her daughter’s eyes she literally becomes a monster. A monster which Ida keeps having nightmares about. It becomes a constant struggle, which even affects her at her school during the day, for Ida. She is trying her best to keep the monster at bay.

Alcoholism within families is a worldwide problem. 30 million children have an alcoholic parent (or two) with those numbers translating into 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 being adversely affected by parents who are abusing drugs or alcohol.

Imagine living in fear of your mother. As a child! Unfathomable that the person who gave birth to you is now the one who terrorizes you. In this film the horror extends to Molly blaming her child for her drinking. Ida lives with pressure of believing that if she is perfect her mother won’t drink.

The horror of it all is consummately set up in that the mother-daughter relationship starts off as splendidly then devolves into a hellish situation. We can all see ourselves in the difference between the person(s) we present ourselves to be in public and who we are behind closed doors. Reality is rarely pretty.

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