Woody Woodpecker

Some might believe me crazy for starting off (or even saying this) with this, but family comedy is a tough film genre. If you think about it there are not many that fall into the “great” category here. Let the debate begin! What I am sure of is that this Continue Reading

Introducing SiriusXM Video: exclusive performances, interviews, and behind-the-scenes highlights

Following the successful launch of Howard Stern Video, SiriusXM expands video offering on the SiriusXM app to give subscribers a new way to connect with their favourite SiriusXM shows and personalities More new videos daily from across the SiriusXM lineup, including Kevin Hart, Jenny McCarthy, Sway Calloway, Joel Osteen, and Continue Reading

Rebelles @ Cinemania

Boulogne-sur-mer is not exactly the sleepy suburb you would believe it to be. At least not in director Alan Mauduit’s (Vilaine) at times hysterical Rebelles. Between the violence, drug dealings, gangsters, and severed penises (I’ll explain later) there is nothing idyllic about this place. After another failed relationship, former beauty Continue Reading