Ema Jean – Room for Fascination – Album Launch Show

The Show – Ema Jean is an extraordinarily talented jazz vocalist that writes, sings, plays guitar and uniquely moves on stage to tell her special stories, all from her heart. I had the pleasure of attending Ema’s ” Room for Fascination” album launch show. Eyes and ears were eagerly focused and impressed with her every graceful and expressive movement on stage treating the entire room to a delightfully complete experience.  In any language she is extremely relaxed and exudes warmth towards her audience. Ema’s excellent band on stage was comprised of David Osei-Afrifa on Keyboards (who also played on the album), Gab Forget on Bass, Ronny Desinor on Drums and Ellen Torrie on Backing Vocals.  Ema also was very special when she was alone accompanying herself on guitar.

The set list for her show was:


2. Natalia,

3. New Kind of Love,

4. Ana Basha El Bahr (by Najat Al Saghira),

5. Aloe Vera,

6. Wish It Was Me,

7. Dois Sonhos,

8. Indomables (by Xarim Aresté),

9. I Refuse to Pour Love,

10. Lucky

and the Encore was:  

11. Once In A Blue Moon

12. Telephone Wires

For someone who is so very capable she exhibits a lot of humility. You can feel it. She choose to close her show and her album with a tune appropriately titled “Lucky” that speaks of gratitude.

The Album

It’s been such a long time since I found an album that I could enjoy playing over and over each day and grow to love more and more with every listen. Although my personal favorite is “Wish It Were Me” all the tunes on her new album are awesome ! In every song she skillfully paints with notes, words and music. “ I Refuse to Pour Love” has that special expressive twist of her vocals that swing up just at the end of a line and later a change in the song is followed by a cascading series of dropping notes, which is very different and hauntingly pleasing. Her finely tuned voice has a smooth timber, lots of expression, a wide range and deep soulfulness. She successfully captures qualities of some of the all time great singers without compromising her uniqueness.  Sometimes she speaks during a song and that for me is like being at a Broadway musical that I am fond of. Her songs talk about relationships, keen observations and touching experiences that are sensitive and relevant.  The recording quality is superb and it plays well on virtually any system from basic to audiophile. I know that because I’ve worked on many levels in the audio industry and during the past week I’ve played her memorable album on every type of system.

My music mentor and friend, celebrated virtuoso guitarist Tony Romandini and I both agree that Ema Jean is both “ original and beautiful ! “

can find her new exciting album at www.emajean.com

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