Anne+ to Screen at image + nation

Valerie Bisscheroux 2019 Netherlands 67min Dutch s-t-en Synopsis: 

We meet Anne (the infinitely likable Hanna van Vliet) in her mid-20s as she builds a new home for herself and looks back on the core relationships that sculpted her during her studies in Amsterdam, beginning with her first girlfriend, Lily . This young “book nerd” has a lot to learn about balancing priorities and her “sheltered bubble.” Not to mention Instagram etiquette, nursing hangovers, and the pitfalls of Christmas relations with your boss. Anne+, like a Dutch Tales of the City, packs a lot into its six consecutive chapters, including love affairs with five women with diverse backgrounds and personalities, a plethora of hip city sites, and a healthy dose of self-discovery. These are propulsive and contemporary stories, each as irresistible as the last, which deal less with coming out than staying in, Anne clinging to connections even after they’ve reached their expiration date and experiencing the highs and lows of growing pains –  with or without a plus one..

Showtime: Saturday, November 23, 2019 @ 7 p.m. @ Imperial Theatre


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