MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) and 100Lux present MAD | Motions and Dynamics by Forward Movements

December 5, 6 & 7

MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) and
100Lux present MAD | Motions and Dynamics by Forward Movements. MAD |
Motions and Dynamics is a Forward Movements initiative, aiming to
offer a different perspective of urban dance while putting the emphasis on

Urban Dance Performances
Thursday 5 & Friday 6 December
  Featuring performances by Femmes PhénoménalesSarah Bidaw, and Ford Mckeown Larose, these evenings are centered around mixity and its multiple attributes.

Inspired by her upbringing and her practice of arabo-berber and house dance styles, Sarah Bidaw presents a solo called “Al Warda.” “AmalGame 2.0” is a choreographic piece created by Ford Mckeown Larose of Compagnie Forward Movements and inspired by what scientists call Chaos Theory (better known as the “butterfly effect”). “YONI Cypher”, a project of Femmes Phénoménales collective, centres on women artists of any medium who are immersed in hip-hop culture.

Photo credit: courtesy of Forward Movements

MAD Battle Solo

Saturday 7


On Saturday 7 December it’s all about the
MAD Solo Battle. Throughout the night, solo dancers will battle it out in a
game of creativity. Taking part in numerous challenges, the artist deemed “most
creative” will have the opportunity to represent his or her art form during the
next edition of Hip Hop Games Concept in Lille, France. Master classes
will be offered by the professional artists of the Art-Track dance company.
This is followed by a creative battle of different challenges between crews and
dance collectives who want to pursue a choreographic career. 


Sarah Bidaw

Sarah Bidaw
took her first steps in hip hop in Roubaix at the “Dans la rue la
danse” school at the age of 11. She has been dancing ever since.
First introduced to Hip Hop, Lock and Pop techniques in which she
developed a strong potential, it was a little later that she discovered
House. She developed a keen interest in this aesthetic and quickly made
it her specialty. She then creates through her favourite choreographic
vocabulary by incorporating oriental gestures. In 2011, she
started competing. She won the international SDK (Street Dance Kemp)
battle as well as the Juste Debout Belgique and participated in many
competitions that allowed her to develop her talent and become known as
the I LOVE THIS DANCE. House Dance and Waacking became her trademark.
Today, she continues her career and her hybrid choreographic research
with the creation of her first solo.

Ford Mckeown

Montreal dancer and choreographer of Haitian origin specializing in urban
dance, Ford
Mckeown Larose 
stands out for his unique approach to
Popping & Boogaloo. For more than 10 years, he has participated in
national and international competitions and organized world-renowned
dance battles in Montreal. Since 2015, he has devoted himself more to the
creation of choreographic works through the company Forward Movements, of
which he is co-founder and artistic director.

Femmes Phénoménales

 was born from a group of 10 women,
gathered in a video with the aim of promoting female diversity and gender
equality, by breaking the gender stereotypes conveyed by society.

Nindy (Femmes

Nindy Banks
has an extensive background in urban dance, particularly hip hop,
contemporary dance and, most recently, krump. She is involved in various
projects and works with several Montreal artists and troupes, including
Victor Quijada, Danièle Desnoyers and Fred Gravel. She juggles with
contemporary dance, hip hop and krump through various projects that allow
her to travel to Canada, the United States and Europe. Since 2017, Nindy
has joined Alexandra “Spicey” Landé’s dance company Ebnfloh in
which she continues to explore new avenues.

Rekha (Femmes

Rekha Mavreen
is a beatmaker based in Montreal. The musical genres she explores mainly
are hip hop and R&B, but she tries to pay tribute to all musical
styles in her music through sampling.

Chhampa (Femmes

« Raised by a refugee Mama, first generation born in Montreal, a
daughter, an older sister, a human being: that’s who I am. I have always
found comfort and strength in the hip hop culture. I also had the
incredible opportunity to be the only illustrator of Dana El Masri’s
exhibition, during her event inspired by MF DOOM. I am Chham Pa. »


MAD | Motions and Dynamics

5 Dec, 8PM (dance performance)
6 Dec, 8PM (dance performance)
7 Dec, 8PM (solo battles)

5, 6 December (show)
Show regular $28
Show discount $22
Show group (10+) and 14 years and under $16
Accompanying person for spectators with an handicap $0

7 December (battle)
Battle regular $18 

$40 – 1 show + 1 battle

MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)
3680 Jeanne Mance

Cover photo credit: courtesy of Sarah Bidaw

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