Greener Grass

Though our world has become a rather strange place it is in no way as bizarro as directors Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe short film Greener Grass. So strange it takes a while to get into the rhythm. For me, anyways…

Based on the 2016 SXSW award-winning short film by the same name, this 95 minute film is set in an odd suburbian world. Here every adult wears braces though upon inspection there does not seem to be anything visibly wrong with their teeth. All married couples wear coordinating outfits. Here is where it becomes bizarre – family members, including babies, are given away to other families without discussion really. Everyone and every move is made looking from acceptance from those around you.

Watching this odd world you don’t really know how to take things. It is unsettling. Behaviour is like nothing we are used to or can relate to. Keeps the viewer off balance. Reminds me of the worlds which director David Lynch has created throughout his career. The filmmakers, screenwriters and actors DeBoer and Luebbe are in complete control here of everything we see on the screen. Time and time again they show their experience and confidence in that they are not doing the expected or typical thing here.

Best friends Lisa (Dawn Luebbe) and Jill (DeBoer) live in the same suburban community and despite their closeness there is also a measure of competition going on between the two.

Stepford Wives? The Truman Show? A little bit of both here. Fun is poked at the upper middle class here aplenty with its soccer moms, way of dressing and music lessons. Suburbanites are rather an easy target though the two in charge here rarely take the easy way out. Social commentary abounds.

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