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Love is hard enough without added external road bumps. Some of those road bumps are major ones. Especially tricky when you don’t have the support of your family. Or they even know about it. Further they are part of the problem.

Such is the situation which long time lovers Nina (Barbara Sukowa – Atomic Blonde, Gloria Bell) and Madelaine (Martine Chevallier – Tell No One, Farewell, My Queen) find themselves in. They have been together for decades, but have told no one. Especially, Madelaine, who has two adult children, Anne (Lea Drucker – In My Skin, Custody) and Frederique (Jerome Varanfrain – JCVD, La Vie d’Une Autre), and a one grandchild who she has kept this secret from.

When the two lovers decide to sell Madelaine’s apartment to use the money to buy property in Rome, where they want to retire to. They see it as their chance to start over. Live their life out in the open as a couple. Bump number one happens when Gina gets furious at Madelaine for not telling her family and seeming to be hesitant now about selling her apartment.

Second, and much more serious, is when Madelaine has a stroke. It leaves her without the ability to talk or walk. Because it is not known that she and Gina are lovers, Gina is shut out of what is going on. Anne takes over. Gina has to figure out a way to get close to the woman she loves.

This is a lesbian love story as you have never seen before. First of all, it features women of a certain age. Films centered around 50 and over in love are few and far between. We are not really interested in seeing those we consider to be “old” being romantic. It has taken a male director, Filippo Meneghetti (first feature length film), to bring this story to us.

It is a story which easily could have devolved into the melodramatic. Meneghetti never allows that to happen. He keeps things very realistic feeling. Funny, beautiful, sad, and hopeful. All feelings which will wash over you while watching Two of Us. The script provides that basis for the film. It supports this wonderful love story so that we can enjoy it without distraction. It is complex…just like love and life.

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