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Not a film, rather a series of shorts (which are about 10 minutes each), Anne+ came totally as advertised as being about a twenty-something named Anne (Hanna van Vliet), who is trying to navigate adult life and romantic relationships.

Each section is named after the women which Anne is, at the time, in a relationship with. Each is different and the mixture keeps things interesting and builds a more complete picture.

24-year-old Anne is in a transitory point in her life. She has finished her masters and has moved into a new apartment. Picking up some things for her new place she runs into her ex Lily (Eline van Gils – first film). Lily’s new girlfriend, Doris (Flip Zuijderland – first film), lives in the same neighbourhood. This encounter makes Anne think back on their relationship and how it ended.

We then move on to all the relationships Anne had while she was a student living in Amsterdam. All the subsequent four women, Janna (Sharai Rodrigues), Sofie (Djamilla Landbrug), Esther (Kirsten Mulder), and Sara (Jouman Fattal), are very different and each relationship, short or longer, brings something different to Anne in regards to learning about love and sex.

The six episodes are packed full with loads going on. Though it is a little like a soap opera the character of Anne is so likable and relatable that you end up dismissing the melodramatic side. Really does make you reflect upon how the people in our lives (romantically) have an impact upon who we become.

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