Gravity & Grace: solo exhibition from Glen LeMesurier

28 November 28–December 28, 2019

Vernissage Thur. November 28, 5-10pm

Lauded local sculptor Glen LeMesurier will be
exhibiting his new creations in his solo exhibition, Gravity & Grace,
from Thursday, November 28-December 28 at Galerie Grace, 4881 Boul.
. The artist, an alchemist of metals, has once again played with
and explored different textures and states of his favorite material. Along with
current work from the past nine months, there will be many pieces from previous
explorations in steel. The sculptor will be present throughout the month-long

Here, we have gravity—parts of these works are heavy and challenge their weight against the vortices of space and time, and grace—the beauty of form, the melting of metal, and the poetry of space and time. Their presence reflects a dichotomy between their massiveness and the space they inhabit. “The gravity of the situation and the works, (through color, which could be understood as emotional field) and shape, suggest at times the teleological suspension of the ethical, which Kierkegaard spoke of in his early works. To manifest these principles through steel and reflect this to a viewer is, or could be, a febrile chance to connect, but I believe the movement of gravity and grace together can do this. I hope you like these works,” said LeMesurier.

Drawn to the place occupied by the individual in time
and space, and the individual in his relationship to the other, Glen LeMesurier is a ‘green’ artist.
He has developed techniques allowing the use of recycled objects, mainly
focusing on large pieces of metal. Once recycled, these materials become
sculptures that link the observer to the collective memory by raising the
historical and ecological questions inherent to the actual past life of the
objects. The artist believes that the transformation of these materials is
similar to the mutations of certain mythological characters. In this sense,
this transformation can appear at once surreal, poetic, playful and fabulous.

For Gravity & Grace, LeMesurier has
included a series of sculptures that reflect magical thinking and expressive
form in steel. Some earlier sculptures are totem-like in their construction, at
times conjuring up religious alter pieces; a result of 2-months travel and
research of church iconography in Rome, Florence, Pisa and Sicily.

Artist statement:

 : Gravity & Grace from
sculptor Glen LeMesurier

28-Decembre 28
, 2019

Boul. St-Laurent; Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-7pm

Vernissage: Thursday, November 28, 5-10pm IG: glenlemesuriersculptor FB:  sculptor
Glen LeMesurier

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