The Stolen – Blu-ray Edition

Moving from the comfort of England to the South Island of New Zealand with her wealthy husband has brought about some adjustment on the part of Charlotte Lockton (played by Alice Eve). Still she hopes for a fresh beginning and continued prosperity. Her dreams are broken when David (played by Lukas Hinch) is murdered and her infant son is kidnapped.

With the arrival of a ransom note, the young widow is not about to roll over. Charlotte realizes the best way to get her child back is to track him down on her own. This is going to be a case of a woman used to a certain level of comfort trekking through the rough and tumble parts of New Zealand with only herself to rely upon.

A film which takes place in New Zealand but borrows heavily from the American Western genre. Period piece with drama and action. This could have been a film with a rather feminist message, that even back then there were women who sought to solve their problems on their own. While Charlotte is a strong character there is also an annoying side to her because of her upper class attitude. That plus the loads of cliches involved really bogs The Stolen, directed by Niall Johnson, down.

The acting is of the calibre that is typical of this kind of straight to video film. Meaning less than what is needed. At best uneven and at worst distracting.

Strongest aspect of the film is the cinematography. It looks great. Plenty of beautiful landscapes and sharp colours.

Special Features

-Digital copy

-The Stolen: Behind the Scenes

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