10 super-special SXSW sessions from March 17-21

17-21 marks the sweet spot of the SXSW Music Festival.

A lot of the most compelling content
at the 2020 SXSW Conference also occurs during these dates. Tracks that
happen during the second half of the week include Cannabusiness, Creating & Monetizing Music, Design, Fantastic Future, Future of Music, Professional Development, Space, and Tech Industry & Enterprise.

Check out 10 of the most intriguing
sessions scheduled during this five-day period of music, networking, discovery:

  • Digital Play Is Winning – Can Screen Time Be Good?
    (March 17): The concepts of screen time and digital playgrounds for kids are
    increasingly important topics that parents around the world have had to grapple
    with in the last decade. Join the thought leaders behind this subject for a
    robust discussion on the impact of digital play.
  • Under the Hood: The
    Mechanics of Cannabusiness
    (March 18): Are you interested in
    venturing into the cannabis industry? Hear from rockstar industry veterans on
    the mechanics of a cannabusiness and how this market differs from mainstream
  • When Video Games and Tech
    Bring History to Life
    (March 18): One of my favorite
    concepts from the advancement of XR is that we can relive and revisit moments
    in history through the use of technology. Join the experts behind some of the
    best case studies of this concept as we talk about bringing people around the
    world closer to history through these convergent tech tools.
  • Does Your Design Speak
    (March 19): What do you think of when you hear the
    phrase “hieroglyphs of the future”? If you thought emojis, you are correct! The
    use of emojis is growing at a global level and we’ll be discussing how
    designers can leverage them in different ways.
  • From Inspiration to Reality: Your First AR Effect
    (March 19): Don’t get left behind by the AR train! We’ll be diving deep into
    this technology and showing anyone interested the step-by-step process on how
    to build their first AR experience for Facebook or Instagram! 

  • Space for All: The Future’s Frontier
    (March 19): Ever look up at the stars and just marvel at the vast openness
    above us? Our drive to explore and understand space continues to push the
    industry forward and this March. We’ll be hearing about the wide-ranging
    applications that the future of the space industry will provide, applications that
    may lead to opportunities for a more engaged, diverse and inclusive society
    back here on earth.
  • AI & the Future of Free Will
    (March 20): Ever wonder about the distant future where the lines between
    artificial intelligence and our free will have blurred? If you’re questioning
    the philosophies around our relationship with artificial intelligence and our
    personal freedom, you won’t want to miss this panel.
  • Music to My Eyes: AR and the Music Industry
    (March 20): Who said music needs to only be for our ears? The visualization of
    music experiences is increasing at an exponential rate and I’m not just talking
    about holograms! The rise of augmented reality is taking the music industry to
    the next level and we’ll be learning about what’s possible. 

  • Fan Hacking: Acquiring
    and Retaining More Fans
    (March 21): Managing a musician’s
    fanbase can be a science on its own. How do you keep retaining your fans while
    also pushing forward with growing new ones? These music and tech speakers will
    show you how to hack the process in new and innovative ways. 

  • New Ethics in the Emotion Economy
    (March 21): Technology has evolved at such a rapid pace that the industry is
    now developing the emotional layer of our devices, such as the tone of voice
    for our smart assistants. This concept of emotion tech is upon us and we’ll be
    talking about the unique considerations that need to go into the development of
    such technologies.

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