The Parts You Lose – Blu-ray Edition

Combined with his Netflix/Breaking Bad recent release El Camino, Aaron Paul is a guy in the spotlight. While I have heard that El Camino is a worthwhile watch, The Parts You Lose, directed by Christopher Cantwell (Our Footloose Remake), is not of the same calibre.

Being bullied at school and dealing with a distant along with often drunk father, leads to Wesley (Danny Murphy – first feature film) being a rather isolated young boy. He is also deaf, so retreating into his own world is rather natural feeling for him.

Things change for Wesley on his cold walk home one winter evening. He comes across a severely injured man lying in the snow. The man (Aaron Paul – from television’s Breaking Bad) is bleeding from a gunshot wound. Scared, but wanting to help, Wesley helps the man inside an abandoned barn near his house.

There the man slowly recovers as Wesley brings him food and medical supplies. All this without his mother (Mary Elizabeth Winstead – 10 Cloverfield Lane, A Good Day to Die Hard) and father (Scoot McNairy – 12 Years a Slave, Argo) knowing. And more importantly, the police in his town. This is because the injured stranger is part of a gang which committed a robbery. The man is the only member of the gang who eluded capture.

During his recovery, the man and Wesley get close. While he is gruff, the man does show Wesley the attention he so desperately seeks from an older male. The man even shows Wesley how to defend himself against the bullies. Becoming almost a father figure to Wesley.

All this while the police get closer to figuring out where the fleeing criminal is located. Wesley is stuck between doing what is right and his affection for the man.

While this film feels like ones you have seen before. It is a story that has been done several times before with a gruff stranger becoming a father figure to a young boy needing a male role model. That is not necessarily a bad thing if you bring something new to the table. A different angle or twist to the typical story.

This one tries to go a little deeper with the deafness of the young boy, the fact that he is being bullied and that the new man in his life. Strong emotions are meant to be the result. But all I felt was a little bored mixed with disinterested. Nothing really drew you in.

There is a smattering of tension and some thoughtful moments. Yet, this plus a couple of good performances from the actors does not add up to a strong film. Mostly due to the lack of intrigue and slow pace of it all.

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