Joshua & The Holy Rollers Release Patience EP

Available NOW on all major digital platforms
On US Tour now opening for Hanson

Los Angeles-based rockers Joshua & The Holy Rollers released their brand new EP Patience, a follow up to 2018’s Tribulations. The tracks range from the melancholic heartbreak of “So Wrong” to the high energy rock and catchy melodies of the first single “What You Need” which was exclusively premiered by Grimy Goods last week. Patience is available now on all streaming platforms.

“I think either God or the Devil didn’t want this record to exist. Whether it was the nine tornadoes and record flooding while we did the principle recording in Oklahoma, the heatwaves while we tracked the lead guitars in Los Angeles, or our house catching on fire before I added the finishing touches, we were stopped at every opportunity,” said Joshua & The Holy Rollers front man Mac Hanson.

Hanson added, “Patience is the natural progression of a band coming together. I was alone when recording my first EP Tribulations, and you can hear the difference now that the band is solidified: it’s a raucous, collective shout. Patience is loud. It’s angry. It has purpose. It has heart. It’s the sound of finding people to create with, and realizing it’s good to create a helluva time together.”


Patience was produced by Mac’s oldest brother Isaac Hanson, and was recorded at his studio in Tulsa, OK. The EP was mixed by Jesse Lauter, and mastered by Alan Silverman of Aerial Sound.

In support of the new release, the band is currently touring the US opening for Hanson, the older brothers of Joshua & The Holy Rollers’ front man Mac Hanson. The tour marks the first time all four Hanson brothers have toured together, and their first shows together since their performance at 2019’s Hop Jam in Tulsa, OK.

Joshua & The Holy Rollers burst into the Los Angeles music scene in late 2018 by self-releasing two singles, their debut EP, and completing a tour of the west coast in the first six months. Rich with mellow vibes, big reverb, and gritty guitar riffs, Joshua & The Holy Rollers has a sound that is both familiar and unique.

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